Three Easy Ways To Prevent Hair Loss Before It Starts

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No one wants to lose their hair, but the harsh reality is that both men and women can become victims of embarrassing hair loss as they age. While there are plenty of over-the-counter methods you can try in order to attempt re-growing your hair, as well as surgical procedures that take hair from another part of your scalp and place it in areas where thinning has occurred in order to give you a full head of hair again, you should be aware that there are certain steps that you can take in order to try to prevent hair loss before it even starts.

Continue reading for some ways that will help you keep the hair you have for as long as possible. While the following options may not provide guaranteed results, they may be worth a try if you know that hair loss is common in your family or if you are beginning to see that you are losing more hair than you used to after you wash or comb your hair.

Eat the Right Foods

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Nutrition is the basis of health, so it really should come as no surprise that if you eat the right foods, you may be able to prevent hair loss. Avoid greasy, fried foods and opt instead to incorporate more healthy options, such as baked potatoes with the skins on.

Bean sprouts, as well as green and red peppers and cucumbers with the skins on, all contain high amounts of silica, which is a nutrient that helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals from your diet. This prevents deficiencies that can lead to balding.

Take Extra Supplements

Supplementing with extra nutrients can ensure that you are getting ample amounts of what your body needs to promote hair growth and prevent balding, especially if you are not eating a proper balanced diet.

Consider supplementing with biotin, which is a B-vitamin famous for its ability to help stop hair loss and promote new growth. Other great supplements include iron, which promotes the distribution of oxygen to the extremities, and zinc, which regulates your hormones and helps keep your scalp healthy.

Magnesium is also necessary for hair growth, so take it every night before bed so that your body has plenty of time to digest and utilise it. And selenium is really great at stimulating hair growth, so take more of it if you think you are deficient.

Inversion and Massage

Another way to get your hair to stay where it is involves increasing blood flow to the scalp. Do this by massaging your scalp or getting onto an inversion machine and going upside down for a few minutes. These methods also reduce stress, which can contribute to hair loss as well.

With so many tactics you can implement to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss, there is no reason to not give at least some of them a try. After all, taking care of your entire body with the right foods and supplements will benefit your internal organs in addition to your hair and skin, so there’s nothing to lose.

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