Three Ways To Increase Your Brain Power

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Brain PowerI’m sure given the chance we would all jump at the opportunity to increase our brain power.

We only use 10% of our brains, so what if you could make use of more making you more productive, switched on and alert at all times.

It is possible to increase your brain power making better use of your memory and resources. Here are three ways to increase your brain power-

Keep Your Brain Active

It is not possible to increase your brain power unless you are actively using your brain every day and constantly pushing yourself intellectually. A great way to get your brain working is to carry out a Sudoku puzzle every single day.

Start at an easy level and you will soon find as your brain power increases you can move onto harder puzzles. There are some great Sudoku apps that you can download so you can work on your brain power on the go.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP has been a popular method for improving brain power since the 1970’s. NLP teaches you to learn how to control your brain better and how to communicate better.

Taking better control of your brain means you can increase productivity, cognitive awareness and brain power. NLP can be self taught or you can carry out NLP training. NLP is the most effective long term solution to increasing brain power and productivity.

Improve Your Life Style

Without a healthy diet, plenty of sleep and daily exercise our brains cannot possibly function they way we would like them to. Sleep is essential to the way our brains function. Sleep allows us to renew and process any information we have learnt throughout the day.

A healthy diet is also essential. Our brains use 20% of the nutrients that we consume. Eating foods rich in vitamins and omega 3 is essential to the development of your brain.

Taking regular exercise is another vital element to keeping your brain working to the best of its ability. During exercise new brain cells are created and exercising daily also increases sleep quality.

Choosing to do just one of these ways to increase brain power will certainly have a positive impact but for maximum results why not try all three. Carrying out NLP can offer long term results, but it can’t hurt to boost your efforts by having a healthy life style and keeping your brain active too.

Eilidh MacRae works Performance Partnership who provide NLP training. 

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