Tips For Improving Your Spine Health

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Spine ExamExercise is not only good for the heart, helpful in losing weight, and beneficial for blood circulation, it is also good for the spine.

Moreover, exercise will improve the overall fitness of an individual while preventing back injuries and reducing back pain at the same time.

Basic Exercises to Improve Spine Health

There are a lot of exercises that have already been formulated to help improve spine health. In fact, these exercises come in three basic types – strengthening, stretching, and aerobic.

Strengthening exercises increase endurance as well as muscle tone. Stretching exercises improve flexibility and mobility. On the other hand, aerobic exercises strengthen the lungs and the heart and improve blood circulation.

When choosing an exercise routine for the spine it is important to select the right types of exercises.

Strengthening Exercises – To Improve Spine Stability

Strengthening exercises must be focused on the back as well as the abdominal muscles. Such exercises will help in stabilizing the spine.

A stable spine will make it easier for a person to maintain the correct posture while performing daily activities. Moreover, strong muscles will also help in supporting as well as protecting the joints, resulting in the prevention of injuries to the connective tissues in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

There are several ways to perform strengthening exercises. You may make use of free weights, elastic bands, and exercise machines.

However, if you do not have the time to hit the gym for these strengthening exercises, you can make use of simple strengthening exercises that you can perform at home like pelvic tilt, abdominal curl, and leg lift.

These simple strengthening exercises must be performed three to four days a week and these must be executed smoothly and slowly.

Stretching Exercise – To Improve Flexibility and Mobility

Stretching exercises will help improve as well as maintain flexibility, allowing full range of motion in the arms, neck, legs, and back. These types of exercises will also prevent any muscle strain as well as soreness.

These must be done before any strenuous activities. Some simple stretching exercises are hamstring stretch, abdominal stretch, and lower back stretch. These exercises must also be performed on a daily basis.

A good point to remember when performing stretching exercises would be to stretch as far as possible but not to the point where pain is felt.

Aerobic Exercises – To Improve Overall Health

Performing aerobic exercises will yield several benefits like strengthening of the lungs and the heart. These will also help increase energy, improve sleep, burn calories, and lower blood pressure levels.

Basically, aerobic exercises are also considered beneficial for your spine as these help improve the overall health of a person. Simple ways to incorporate aerobic exercises in your daily activities would include making use of stairs instead of elevators during work, swimming, and walking.

Ideally, it is best to incorporate 15 minutes each day for such exercises and these must be done three to four times a week.

Keep Healthy at All Times

Exercises are considered important aspects in maintaining the overall health of a person. Moreover, it’s best if these exercises are performed with guidance from a professional trainer or a healthcare provider, especially for those people with health conditions concerning their spines.

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