Top 12 Foot Care Tips

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foot-care-tipsA severe foot problem might be very troublesome if neglected for a long time. Proper foot care is thus a very vital aspect of daily healthcare routine and is necessary for pain-free and healthy feet. In fact, you can thwart a huge number of foot problems with regular foot care routine. Here are top

12 foot care tips to help you keep your feet in the pink health always:

1.    Keep trim:Trim the nails of your feet on a regular basis with good nail clippers. Picking out nails or improper cutting of nails might lead to improper growth of nails or infections. In addition, avoid trimming the nails too short as well as avoid trimming down into corners. This is particularly essential if you are suffering from diabetes.

2.    Avoid skinning yourself: Get rid of the hard skin in a gentle way with the help of a pumice stone. Avoid cutting the hard skin or digging out the corns on your own. This might lead to excruciating complications.

3.    Avoid drying out: Utilize a moisturizer on feet daily. Dry skin might trigger the formation of callus and cause the heel to crack. Avoid applying cream between your toes.

4.    Wash as well as dry your feet: Do it with warm and soap water. Further, avoid drenching your feet a very long time, as this might destroy all those natural oils present in the skin. Make sure to dry out the feet carefully and specially between those toes.

5.    Use spirits: Apply good surgical spirits amidst the toes with the help of cotton buds on a daily basis especially between your smaller toes. This will help to keep the space between the toes dry and moist-free as well as will prevent the occurrence of fungal skin infection.

6.    Get the right rug or carpet for your floor: Having a proper rug will not only add to the beauty of your room, but will also provide a great amount comfort and coziness to your feet. Walking bare foot on a hardwood or solid wood floor is sure to cause stiffness on the sole of your foot.

7.    Wear proper size shoes: Proper and comfortable shoes are highly essential for maintaining the health of your feet. Thus, select shoes of apt size and offer the much-needed support and comfort to your feet. Always try to wear the apt shoes. Socks too play a vital role here. Thus, make sure that you wear clean socks everyday and ensure that they are free from any holes.

8.    Keep moving: Exercise on a regular basis to maintain as well as boost the circulation in your feet.

9.    Deal with the feet problems: Never allow your foot problems to turn worse. You ought to look for immediate cure in case of any foot problem or pain. It is not a normal thing for your feet to hurt, thus get immediate attention.

10.    Avoid popping blisters: Do not every try to pop any blisters on the feet. In fact, allow the moisture in your blister to get absorbed naturally in your skin.

11.    Be careful with wounds: Treat any wounds or cuts on your feet with utmost care. Wash the cut or wound with antiseptic solution and then apply clean dressing. Seek medical if your wounds stay for a long time.

12.    Athlete’s foot: This is one of the most common problems caused by fungal infection. You can prevent this by maintaining proper foot hygiene, regularly washing your feet and by wearing hygienic socks.

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