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sick womanOver the winter there have been countless warnings about bugs and viruses that are doing the rounds. Viruses appear in different strains and can make people feel absolutely rotten.

The flu virus causes havoc each year, but we’ve also been dogged by the norovirus in recent times as well as countless smaller bugs.

So how can you actually protect yourself in the face of such viral activity? Well, the first thing is not to worry too much. Suffering from flu is horrible but it does mean that the body’s defenses will be better equipped next time against that particular strain. However, there are some tips it is important to follow to stop the spread of infection.

Wash your hands
This is the most obvious of all tips for preventing the spread of infection and yet very few people actually take heed of it. If you wash your hands with some form of antibacterial hand wash then you will get rid of the viral traces on your hands.

It’s not just about washing your hands when you use the toilet or washing your hands before you eat. You also need to wash your hands when you are aware that you have been using equipment around the office or when you’ve touched things in a public place.

Don’t run yourself down
A good way of staying healthy when there are lots of bugs around is to actually make sure your body is in good condition to fight them. This means getting a really healthy diet with plenty of vitamins and minerals in it. It also means exercising and getting lots of good quality sleep. If your body is really strong and healthy then you stand a better chance of dealing with the things that come your way.

Be hygienic at home
It’s easy to let your guard down at home. However, it’s vital that you stick with your healthy regime by cleaning work surfaces and so on with antibacterial wipes or treatments. You don’t have to go over the top in order to make sure that your surroundings are hygienic and safe for the family.

Stop touching your face
It’s amazing how often people touch their faces during the day. So many instances of body language rely on touching the face and people have so many compulsive ways of behaving that the face rarely goes untouched throughout a morning or afternoon. Try and convince yourself to stop because this is how infection finds a route into the system.

Helen Garvan has so far managed to avoid this winter’s array of bugs and viruses, partly by following her own good advice and partly thanks to the gloves she got hold of from

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