U.S. Government Emphasizing Drug Abuse Prevention

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Over the past several years, our government’s administration has changed the focus of their drug fighting efforts drastically. Their efforts used to be centered primarily around punishment and enforcement. But over the past few years, they have changed their focus to much more education, prevention, and treatment.

National Substance Abuse Prevention Month

The United States’ second annual National Substance Abuse Prevention Month was last month. President Obama enacted National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in 2011 as a way to “highlight the role substance abuse prevention plays in promoting safe and healthy communities.”

The purpose of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month is to give us an entire month to really think about the problems substance abuse has caused and is causing in our country. They also put a particular emphasis on remembering and thinking about all of the lives lost due to substance abuse.

The Government Feels That Prevention Is The Key

One of the main reasons why the National Substance Abuse Prevention Month was created was to help aid our government’s efforts on improved drug abuse prevention. The Office of National Drug Control Policy has said that, “Substance use, including underage drinking and the non-medical use of prescription and over-the-counter medications, significantly affects the health and well-being of our Nation’s youth and young adults. Stopping use before it begins can increase a person’s chances of living a longer, healthier, and more productive life.”

President Obama issued a proclamation this year. In that proclamation, he expressed his concern for how many Americans are being hurt by substance abuse. He explained some of the reasons for the National Substance Abuse Prevention Month and the government’s added emphasis on prevention.

Here are a few of the things he explained in his proclamation (and the purpose of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month):

The problems that drugs are causing. President Obama expressed some of the problems that substance abuse is causing in our country. In his proclamation he spoke about lessened scholastic achievement, less safety on our roads & communities, and too many lives being tragically cut short.

These problems are preventable. When talking about many of the problems that drug use and abuse are causing in our country and communities, he went on to say that most of these problems can be prevented. He explained that “By stopping drug use before it starts, we can prevent the disease of addiction and create stronger neighborhoods across our country.” He and his administration feel that, with increased education and emphasis, we can create much more prevention of substance abuse in our country.

Paying tribute to those who help. Another one of the reasons for National Substance Abuse Prevention Month is to have a set opportunity to pay tribute to all of the individuals who are working hard and trying to help with the prevention of drug addiction in our country.

We all can help. He also expressed that all of us can help with preventing drug and alcohol abuse. He said that especially parents and guardians can play a vital role in the education and prevention of substance abuse. He said they can do this particularly by talking to their children and educating them on the dangers of substance abuse. He also explained that teachers, faith groups, health care providers, law enforcement officials, and other local leaders can also help to work towards more prevention in their communities.

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