Walk This Way For Better Health And A Better Game Of Golf

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Golfer driving small portraitWe understand that you work hard all week and just want to relax at the weekend, but spending your precious time off sitting in a golf buggy isn’t doing you or your health any favours.

Whatever your age, ability, or level of fitness walking around the golf course rather than using a buggy will do you the world of good, and you’ll probably find your game improves too!

Not convinced? Well here are some of the top reasons why ditching the golf buggy is going to be the best thing you’ve ever done.

It really is exercise

There is a lot of debate about whether golf really is a form or exercise or not. However, even just taking a brisk walk around the course is good for you, especially if your overall level of fitness is quite poor.

Leaving the buggy at the club house and keeping up a brisk pace between holes will raise your heart rate, give your metabolism a boost, and carrying your own bags is a great weight bearing exercise.

You’re working harder than you think

A Swedish research team discovered that walking around the course is 40-70% of the intensity you’d get from an aerobic workout. So if your fitness levels or injury prevents you from strenuous exercise you’ll find golf a great low impact workout.

Studies also showed that golfers who walked the course reduced their levels of bad cholesterol and kept their levels of good cholesterol steady. The participants that rode on a buggy for the study didn’t show any of these benefits.

Walking the course in numbers

  • Walking nine holes on a hilly course is the equivalent to walking 2.5 miles.
  • You could burn nearly 3000 calories by walking 36 holes every week.

Top tips if you’re just starting out

Not everyone is in the peak of physical fitness when they play golf, but that isn’t a problem. Making a few simple changes to your routine will mean that you get all the health benefits that golf offers without running the risk of pushing your body too far.

Remember to always complete a proper warm up routine before starting your game. This should include head to toe stretches, short bursts of aerobic exercise, and practising gentle swings.

Here are some top tips for those of you who want to walk but aren’t in the best shape yet:

  • Walk alternate holes. That way you’re still walking nine holes during your round. Gradually increase this so you’re walking two holes and using the buggy for one. Soon enough you’ll find you’re walking the whole course.
  • Spilt your game into halves by walking the first set of nines and using the golf buggy for the second set.

Rob Rudd enjoys finding new ways to keep fit. When not trying new sports out he enjoys researching their efficaciousness and writing about them.


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