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This wet substance, known as H2O, is a vital part of your everyday life. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to survive. Not only does it keep you hydrated and alive, it also has additional health benefits.

For example, drinking water may actually help you to lose weight. This is because it washes out by-products, such as fat that is broken down in your body. It also reduces the feeling of hunger. By suppressing your appetite, it means you won’t eat so much.

Another benefit is that it can often help combat headaches and pains that you might have, because these are often caused by dehydration (basically starving your body of water). Once your headache has magically disappeared, the water will start making you feel more alert and will help you think quicker and concentrate more. It also flushes out toxins, preventing fatigue and allowing you to exercise better. This is because your muscles are mainly made up of water so drinking more feeds your muscles, letting you move more freely and feel more energetic.

Water can raise your metabolism as it helps in digestion. It also combines with fibre to aid your daily bowel movements, helping prevent constipation.

The number of sprains and cramps that you suffer can also be reduced once water intake is increased. This is because it helps make sure your joints and muscles are kept lubricated.

Keeping hydrated also helps your body to fight common illnesses such as colds and flu. It improves your immune system, helping to prevent arthritis, respiratory disease, stomach upsets and even heart attacks. Studies also show that with the improvements to your immune and digestive systems caused by drinking plenty of water, you are at reduced risk of cancers of the colon and bladder.

So we can see that as well as having many mental attributes, drinking water can also benefit you physically. As your body becomes more hydrated, so does your skin. Water helps to moisturise, replenish and increase the elasticity of your skin tissues, making you look younger and more revitalised. And when your body feels good, you in turn will feel good – therefore putting a big smile on your face.

There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t drink water. It’s great for both body and mind and with a list of advantages as long as this, you must appreciate the benefits. At the end of the day, we are mostly made of water, so it’s no wonder that it’s so good for us.

This is a guest post.  Owen Sugar is writing on behalf of Aquabion UK.

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