Weirdest Snore-Relief Remedies—Ever!

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man snoringWho doesn’t love a good night’s sleep?

To wake, fully-refreshed after a restful eight or nine hours, stretching your sated body like a lazy house cat only to rise and shine next to your partner, the one with the harried face and the bags under their eyes that you could fill a week’s groceries in and happens to be glaring with evil intent at your contented stretching.

By their glowering expression you surmise that perhaps, you snored a bit the previous night, ok, you snored a lot and loud and in your usual routine you’ve once again kept your partner up all night.  Ooops!

Yes, you may have thought you had an uninterrupted night’s sleep, but truth be told, you probably didn’t and for sure your bed mate was unable to as well.  When your significant other suggests that you do something to try to quell the racket, you are honestly at a loss.

If this sounds at all like your sleeping habits, then take a look at some of these odder remedies and you can decide for yourself whether they work or not.

1.  Singing for at least 20 minutes:

Might sound a bit silly, but could singing really help reduce snoring later? It can.  And theoretically speaking, certain singing exercises can help strength the soft palate, thereby reducing the snoring effects that a sagging palate can cause.

Might not hurt to try, unless of course your singing voice is actually more abrasive than when you’re sawing logs.  Once you start running through your musical scales and see your partner’s grimace, they may agree as well.

2.  Tennis Ball:

Here’s a fairly simple one.  And no, you don’t take the ball and ram it down the snorer’s throat.  You place it next to them in the hopes that when they roll over on their back and commence to snore mode, the ball will force them back on their side once more.

You could get a bit creative here as well, instead of a tennis ball, you could try a tennis shoe or perhaps your Yucca plant, but the theory is that you will prevent them from having their palate fall and the snore begin.

3.  Acupuncture:

Many, who subscribe to certain homeopathic beliefs, also believe in the healing powers of acupuncture, snoring included.  And like the tennis ball method, you’re not supposed to cause bodily harm by stick needles into random and sensitive places upon your snoring spouse, rather this should be performed by a trained professional.

Again, by placing needles in order to improve blood flow in and around your throat and sinuses, it will supposedly improve your airways and cease the snores.

At the end of the day (and night!) snoring is a huge factor in many people’s relationship, as in fatigue, irritation and outright fury at your snoring spouse.  Will these remedies work?

Probably not as well as something that has been studied and substantiated with scientific evidence like these mentioned here but you can always give the old tennis ball method a try, just don’t be surprised if you wake up to it somehow lodged in your eye.

Jimmy Keillor is a retired medical researcher and freelance writer who has studied the causes and effects of sleep deprivation his entire career.  For more of his writings visit this site.  When he is not writing, you will likely find him metal-detecting and gem hunting with his two young sons in tow.

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