What Are The Facts About Nose Job Surgery?

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nose-jobRhinoplasty is a common form of cosmetic surgery which is often performed in order to improve the appearance, or to correct problems with the nose after accidents.

While it is well-known and familiar to most people, the fact is that not everyone understands the facts behind having a nose job, and some may feel that they are not able to have the operation while they don’t know anything about what the surgery means.

In order to properly understand why rhinoplasty is such a popular surgery, potential patients need to know what it is for, how it can help, and what the risks are. Understanding these facts can help interested parties to make an informed decision.

Fact 1: Cosmetic nose job surgery can be performed for a number of reasons. Sometimes noses are misshapen through accidents, sporting injuries, or even during birth. Other patients feel that they would like a straighter and more symmetrical nose, including removing prominent bridges and narrowing broad tips.

All of these surgical procedures, whether cosmetic or restorative, are called by the general term rhinoplasty. The main aim of the surgery is to transform the appearance of the nose while still retaining a natural look. Surgeons will attempt to blend the nose in with the other features of the face, and to make sure that it does not look ‘plastic’.

Fact 2: Patients often imagine themselves with unrealistically shaped noses, or with noses which are much too small for the face. When they come into the clinic, they often have a specific style or length which they think is attractive.

However, this may not be appropriate for the person’s face. The nose which appears well done on a celebrity might be too short for the potential patient’s face. While it might be desirable to have a smaller nose, one which is out of proportion to the rest of the face will never look good.

Fact 3:  The end result of the rhinoplasty depends upon a range of different elements, including the underlying features of the patient’s face. While a surgeon may be able to do a lot with a damaged nose, and can even restore it to something attractive, they will not be able to recreate the nose perfectly.

Patients expecting a complete restoration of their previous nose after damage might be disappointed. In cases where complex rhinoplasty is needed, surgery is only likely to fix problems with breathing, or restore a nose to the correct position on the face (i.e., straightening a broken nose).

Fact 4: The quality of the nose job will depend very much upon the ability of the plastic surgeon, and on the amount of work required to change the face. Even if the operation is a success, the results won’t be properly known until at least 6 months have passed. This means having to wait for a long time to view the nose in its ‘finished’ state.

Fact 5: Many surgeons are reluctant to remove too much tissue and cartilage from the nose. This is because the nasal structure relies on the supporting skeleton.

Removing large amounts of cartilage, even in an attempt to make the nose smaller, can result in the nose collapsing, creating a deformity which is more unattractive than the original nose. Instead, most modern rhinoplasty involves reshaping or repositioning the nose, rather than slimming it down. Good nasal structure is essential to ensuring that the face looks good for the future.

In the event that a patient decides to have rhinoplasty, understanding the facts of this operation can make the procedure easier. When the patient understands that they might not be able to get the small, thin nose that they were looking for, they can be more pleased with the end result of their operation.

The changing practice of nose operations in cosmetic surgery also mean that minor corrections are often considered more important than removing large areas of cartilage. When considering a nose job, it is important for patients to remember these details, and not become too hung up on the nose that they currently have.

With a good surgeon, and by selecting a nose that complements their features, patients can have the nose that they really want.

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