What to Expect From an Alcohol Rehab Center

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No matter what alcohol treatment facility you choose, you will have to follow certain steps as you work to come out from under the influence of alcohol. Most inpatient and outpatient treatment programs use a 12-step system, designed to help you work through the damage done to your life by your alcoholism including the physical side effects of addiction, the damage done to family and friends by the addiction, driving infractions, and work related difficulties. Many steps do not involve a specific physical activity, but instead require an emotional change, or alteration of your thought processes. Each of these small changes form the foundation of long-term recovery. By understanding what you can expect from a rehabilitation program, you can enter a treatment center fully committed to your own recovery.


The first step is admitting you are powerless in the face of addiction and that life is unmanageable. This step must truly occur in many ways before you are admitted to rehab. It is important to recognize that your lifestyle is out of control, and creating negative consequences. In this step you recognize the need to change. Simply committing to an alcohol rehab program is the first step. Remember that no one is forcing you to stay at a rehabilitation center, and you are free to leave at any time. Getting healthy has to be a personal choice for sobriety to last.


The first physical challenge in any addiction treatment center is getting clean. Detoxification is the withdrawal process, when you stop drinking alcohol, and the substances remaining in your system are natural passed. This detoxification often makes people physically ill and racked with cravings, but is a necessary step in the process. How long detoxification takes depends on how much alcohol was in your system at the time you began treatment.


Alcohol addiction treatment then includes both individual and group therapy, designed to help you work through the other steps in the program. During these sessions and throughout the 12-step program you must learn to make peace with the decisions you made in the past, and embrace a future without alcohol. You will be called on to connect with people you hurt through your alcohol abuse, and to face the ramifications of that pain.


You will, before your release from the program, be assigned a sponsor. Sponsors are people who have been sober for an extended period of time who act as mentors or leaders to the newly sober. Sponsors will share their story of recovery and support the newly sober when faced with temptation and relapse. The sponsorship is designed to help both parties because it puts pressure on the sponsor to stay sober for their charge, and creates a ready and empathetic support system for the newly sober.

The final step of the program is becoming a sponsor. Rehabilitation centers believe that every responsible recovering addict should be prepared to sponsor a recovering addict in need of leadership. It is one of the ways a recovered alcoholic makes amends for his past wrongdoings, and continue on the road of rehabilitation long term.

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