Why Commuting By Bike Could Change Your Life For The Better!

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stethoscope and heartThe daily commute can be the worst part of the day for a lot of people. Whether you spend yours on a crowded train or getting frustrated by traffic in your car, it can feel like an unpleasant patch of dead time at the start and end of the working day, where it can be hard to get anything useful done.

One solution many people are finding to their commuting woes is to switch from their usual mode of transport to cycling. This allows them to spend their commute getting a good workout, as well as a number of other benefits. Here we discuss how switching to a cycle commute might make your life better!

Better Health All Round

Cycling, even on flat areas, is a good workout for a number of key muscle groups, especially the legs and the glutes (which are a problem area for many office workers with a normally sedentary lifestyle!). It also provides good cardiovascular exercise, which means it can keep your circulatory system and your heart in good shape as well as make you generally ‘fitter’ over time.

The exercise will not only help you look better and achieve more from a physical perspective, but also has proven stress busting and emotional benefits, making you feel happier and more relaxed, as well as enabling you to sleep better at night.

Financial Benefits

The only thing cheaper than cycling as a means to get to work is to walk, and for most commuters distance rules that out! You will need to buy, borrow or hire a bike, of course, along with a helmet and a lock, and you may want to invest in insurance too in case you are ever in a bicycle accident.

Other than these costs and the odd bit of maintenance on things like tires, looking after a bike is pretty cheap and easy, and you generally don’t have to pay for parking! If you spend a small fortune on gas or public transport tickets at present, using a bike will, over the course of the year, make you far better off, even if you only cycle when the weather is good or on odd days during the working week.

Social Responsibility

Riding a bike is more socially responsible, because it doesn’t cause any pollution or even make much of a noise. You can feel good that you are not only making yourself healthier and richer, but also being kinder to the planet when you ride your bike instead of driving.

How important green issues are to different people varies, but just about everybody would have to agree that a means of getting to work that has a zero carbon footprint is something that more people should adopt if they can.

So there you have it, three very strong reasons to consider trying commuting from home to work on a bike! If you are concerned you aren’t fit enough, you can always start by riding for fun on evenings and weekends and build up to a daily commute.

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