Why Swimming is Perfect for Personal Development

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Most people are aware that swimming is a great exercise, but it provides so much more than just a good workout. Swimming is also wonderful for relieving stress, building self-discipline, setting goals and staying focused. Swimming can be a valuable part of your personal development programme.

When you need some “alone time”, an early morning swim is ideal. Being in water has a way of calming the mind. If you are feeling agitated, try a fast and furious swim to work off that pent-up energy, then just relax and feel the inner chatter recede.
At the same time, swimming is a sport that encourages you to focus. It has been noted that students who participate in swimming seem to do better in school. Perhaps this is because of those valuable life skills that come with the sport. It takes good time management skills and self-discipline just to get to a pool. Once you start swimming, it is natural to want to improve.

One of the great things about swimming is that improvements are easily measurable. Whether you are setting your own goals, or have a coach to help you, it is easy to see and measure how you are doing. Perhaps you set a goal to do one extra lap, or cut your time down by one second- whatever the goal, you can easily see if it is achieved.

Each small goal may be part of moving toward a larger goal. When you are self-disciplined you will work to develop your technique and strength, which makes those goals achievable. It does require some dedication and commitment to work towards each goal. If you do nothing- nothing will happen, but the great thing with swimming is that those small achievements are relatively easy to work on. You can see that you are making progress, so you are more likely to stay focused and dedicated.

As you improve you build momentum to keep striving for greater goals. Momentum is an interesting term, especially when it comes to swimming. In its physical sense you are working on momentum all the time, driving your body through the water. Mentally, you are driving towards your goals. The more you achieve, the more you want to achieve.

Dedication, momentum, goal setting and self-discipline are all interrelated. Swimming really does encourage all of these things, with measurable results. The wonderful thing is that these skills you develop through swimming are transferable into every area of your life.

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