Job and Career Guide:

The tools and resources you
need for a new career.

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The right career resources can help you get a new job.
A  professional resume, successful interview skills and the right communication will take you farther than other candidates.  Use the information in this guide to start applying for jobs with confidence.

  I’m ready for a new job!

What’s Included:

  • Step by step guidance through the job search process to help you get a job
  • Effective Job Search Techniques and Interview Questions
  • Best Job Search Engines listed by niche and industry
  • Salary Negotiation Tips that will help you earn more money
  • How to Tailor Your Resume for a specific company or position
  • How to Write a Cover Letter and a Resume
  • How to Write a Resume Objective
  • Cover Letter Examples, Resume Examples
  • A detail explanation of a resume, cover letter and thank you cards/emails
  • Link to a database with hundreds of cover letter examples and resume examples
  • My Career options – including jobs that don’t require a college degree
  • Small businesses you can start with little or no capital
  • A list of over 30 Ways to Make Extra Money
  • BONUS: 3 cover letter and resume MS Word templates
  • BONUS: 65 telecommuting companies that allow you to work at home!!
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