10 Tips for Living a Green Life

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Transform into Green in Ten WaysThe people of this generation aim to live a life that is green.

Living green is about changing your lifestyle to such a manner that you live close to the environment by making use of products that do not hurt the environment.

Living green can bring so many benefits to you from saving environment to saving lot of money. The ways adapted for living green can make you stay healthy. There are certain tips that you can follow for living a green life.

#1 Using Green Transport- Green transport like bicycles can be used instead of your motor bikes if you want to go to nearby places. Try maximum to make use of public transport rather than using your private vehicles.

Carpool is another idea that you can adapt while you are going to your office with your co workers. This kind of methodologies can be made used for living a green life. This method of transportation can reduce your expense on traveling and also can reduce the emission of poisonous gases to the environment. Walking and cycling can really have a good affect over your health.

#2 Reuse Things- Try to make use of coffee mugs and water bottles that can be reused. Making use of paper mugs can lead to the cutting of trees and these materials are not recyclable.

It is better for you to avoid this and make use of reusable cups. The reusable mugs can keep the drinks hot for a longer time. Buying a reusable cup can be bit expensive but it is helpful in saving the environment also in saving your money.

#3 Reusable Bags- Try to purchase reusable bags for carrying lunch along with steel containers and napkins which are reusable. Reusable baggies can be made used for snacks. When you are choosing this, you are saving a lot of money that you may need to spend on the hotel food.

The environment is also saved as you are not throwing any cups, wrappers etc. Trees are saved a lot by making use of reusable lunch containers.

#4 Microfiber Cloths- Microfiber clothes can be made used in the form of handkerchief and so you need not have to depend on paper towels. By using reusable clothes as towels, much of your money is saved.

You also save the environment as you are not making the trees to be cut down for making paper towels. The land is also saved from the landfills by the paper towels that may need about 500 years for degradation.

#5 Cleaning Products that are Green- Try to make use of cleaning products that are green and biodegradable compared to other chemical contained cleaning products. Vinegar is a thing that is available at your home and it can be made used for cleaning.

This material is suitable for cleaning and it does not have any harmful effects over the environment or to the people. Vinegar may not smell so good but it is purely good for the environment.

#6 Turn off Appliances- It is a good habit for you to unplug all the appliances that are not used. The charger of mobile, washing machine, dryer should never be plugged in as this can lead to wastage of energy.

#7 Purchasing Organic Items- There is no need for you to buy things from grocery stores but you can purchase the items from organic farms where no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used.

#8 Recycle- Try to recycle all those items that can be recycled. Recycle reuse and Reduce should be your slogan then your life may get an automatic touch of green life.

#9 Avoid Smoking- Smoking is a habit that not only spoils your health but it also makes the environment polluted with the toxic and unwanted gases that are emitted from it.

#10 Purchase Reusable Diapers- When you have a baby, do not purchase diapers that are made out of paper as those are too expensive and it can become a large amount of waste. Cloth diapers are good alternative for you to make your baby green.

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