10 Ways to Live A Longer Life

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Life is pretty good.  After all, without it, there wouldn’t be very much to do.  If the movies have taught is anything, it’s that the future is going to be pretty cool, so how do we ensure that we’re still around to see it?

These 10 tips should help keep you going long after robots are doing the housework and the moon has a Disneyworld on it.

1.    Get Laughing

Laughter is the best medicine, or so the old adage goes.  However there does seem to be some truth to this notion, with laughter showing improvements to maladies as diverse as heart disease and diabetes. It can also be a bit of a work out, with 100 laughs being the equivalent of 10 minutes of rowing.  If your friends are pretty humourless, get to a comedy club, or rent a few funny movies, and laugh yourself healthy.

2.   Get Snoozy

Sweet sleep: turning the grind of the day into a beautiful dream world, until tomorrow, when it all begins afresh.  Getting the right amount of sleep can be important to your health, with too much or too little displaying negative consequences. The sweet-spot seems to be 6-7 hours, with the lazy (more than 8 hours sleep) and the insomniacs (less than 4 hours sleep) generally having shorter lifespans.

3.   Get Busy

Sexing it up makes you live longer and who can argue with that?  It’s like being told that junk food gives you super powers.  Getting down to business 3 or 4 times a week can half the risk of heart disease or strokes. Other benefits are stress reduction and a full on cardiovascular workout, although that depends on how energetic you are.

4.     Get Boozy

Booze is bad, we all know that.  Red wine is booze, but apparently, is also quite good for you.  Drinking one glass of red wine a day can stave off cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure.  Just make sure that the one glass you have a day isn’t a pint glass.  Cheers.

5.   Get Hydrated

For those who don’t like red wine, water could prove a less fun alternative. The human body is swimming in water, with up to 75% of our mass comprised of the stuff.  Health authorities recommend that at least 1.2 litres of water should be drunk every day to ensure that you don’t dry out like a thirsty lizard.  Keeping well hydrated acts as a kind of detox to your system and keeps the rest of you ticking along smoothly.

6.    Get Rich

Or die trying.  Whilst we may think of the simple life, toiling the land and eating the fruits of your own organic labour, leads to a long and bountiful life, we’re wrong.  It seems that the business moguls and US rappers will bury us all.  Wealth and life expectancy go hand in hand across the world, with more affluent areas showing notably higher lifespans, even within the same country, or even city.  So, if you’ve been kicked off Dragons Den and the X-Factor, you could always invest in some lottery tickets.

7.    Get Mutated

If you do manage to get insanely super-rich, gene therapy could potentially keep you alive forever.  Whilst still in its infancy, boffins could very well one day unlock the secret of aging itself and rewrite our genetic code to stop the aging process, although probably at a massive price.  Sounds like science fiction?  Take our humble friend the lobster.  The little red fellas have been shown to display negative senescence which basically means that their cells replicate but don’t age, meaning that in theory they could live forever, bar getting ill or eaten.  So once science unlocks the dormant power of the lobster we can all be immortal, and have claws.

8. Get in the Family Way

For those without the cash to become a half-lobster hybrid, kids could be the next best thing.  Studies show that families with more children live longer.  This could be due to the increased support that parents get as they get older, with a larger pool of emotional and financial support.  And the more kids you have, the higher the chance that one of them will grow up to be rich: problem solved.

9. Get a furry Friend

Want a dribbly companion, but not ready for children? A dog could be the next best thing for you.  The stupid unconditional love that dogs exude makes you less stressed, more optimistic and more relaxed.  Whilst dogs appear to the best, with cats a close second, even none-cuddly pets like fish, or the un-cuddleable hedgehog, will give your life a boost. The only downside is that their own brief lives, when extinguished well before your own, will remind you of your own mortality.  Unless you have kids as well, and then it’s off to the pet shop for an identical model so no-one knows the truth.

10. Get to the Mountains

You don’t have to be a creepy backwoods family of horror-movie mutants, or a trappist monk, to get the most out of mountain living.  Mountain folk have been shown to live a lot longer than their common sea-level dwelling brethren.  All the mountain village walks must be good exercise, and indeed there is a massively lower frequency of cardiovascular related illness in mountain communities.  The lower oxygen levels at altitude pretty much doubles your workout.  Let’s not forget that waking up every day to a huge beautiful vista can’t be bad for you.

If you want a few more minutes on the clock, get cracking today.  And remember, to get the most out of life, move to the mountains with your family and pet lobster, make sure you take plenty of cash with you, drink lots of water, but just one glass of wine per day, followed by sex, just the right amount of sleep and don’t forget to have a good laugh.

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