13 Things To Do In 13 Seconds

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13 things you can do in 13 seconds

If you knew that it takes just 13 seconds for an intruder to break into your home would you be worried?

Well, if you’re amongst the 90 per cent of people who use a traditional door lock then you could be vulnerable to this very scenario.

However, thanks to Home Secure’s UPVC Door Locks, there is an answer. These High Security locks include snap secure technology that prevents burglars from entering your home by breaking the inside of your lock.

To give you a better idea of what can also be achieved in 13 seconds, Webrevolve have produced this infographic that illustrates 12 further things that are achievable in the same short time scope as breaking in unlawfully into a property.

Some of the selections may come as little surprise, but there are also others that might serve to shock you. Go ahead, take a look and see what else can be done in just 13 seconds.

This infographic is contributed by Webrevolve for Home Secure – who provide UPVC Door Locks.


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