4 Simple Ways To Make Your Car Stand Out

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mercedes-convertibleFor folks with style and a little bit of money to spend, a vehicle can become a canvas on which they allow their visions to come to life.

The automobile accessory industry has taken off like a rocket over the course of the past two decades, and the modern equipment that is currently available would be enough to make the great Henry Ford faint in amazement.

While some ordinary folks will never understand the inherent joy in tricking out your ride, there are a bunch of reasons to do so. Here are some simple additions that can multiply the attention that you and your car receive.

New Rims

Taking the factory rims off of a vehicle and replacing them with ones that are easier on the eyes is a practice that has been going on for decades, but the game has been taken to entirely new levels in recent years. Gone are the days of choosing between a handful of different spoke arrangements, as the modern breed of rims come in shapes and colors that look like something out of the future.

Minimization has become a common theme, and some rims have eliminated as much of the inner structure as possible. How rims look when they are spinning is also a big factor in overall appearance, so you’ll want to get a good look at how they perform in motion before you make them your own.

Floor Mats

Prior generations were given very few options when it came to floor mats, but they are now being made out of a variety of different materials. Carpeting is becoming less popular as car owners begin to embrace custom molded mats that can withstand far more than fabric ever could. A car with clean floor mats is a sure fire sign of an owner that cares about their automobile, and they represent some of the least expensive automotive accessories in the entire industry.


The first thing that people see when you roll onto the scene is your vehicle’s grill. Many car-makers have made valiant attempts at designing and producing factory grills that look sharp, but they simply cannot build one that matches up to the unique and bold look of custom grills.

Much like every NFL player gets to dictate the design of their helmet’s face mask, car enthusiasts relish the opportunity to sift through a bevy of grill designs that best fit their style and ride. Grill guards add a strong and powerful touch, any many large truck owners utilize them to keep low-lying branches away from their pristine grills during outdoor excursions.

Running Boards

Any large vehicle without a running board runs the risk of looking like the guy that wears socks inside of his sandals. It just doesn’t look right. Installing a running board can be done in less than an hour’s time, and if done correctly, it will last for the lifetime of the truck. These additions are especially useful when women are boarding your asphalt ship, as it will give them an easy way to get their body up into the cabin while also letting them know they are dealing with a thoughtful and respectful person.

This is a guest post.  Ralph Emery is a writer for CARiD.com.  CarID offers seat covers, custom wheels, and many other accessories for SUVs, trucks and cars.

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