5 Autumn Fashion Dos and Don’ts

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Autumn has arrived and you only need to glance out of the window to realise the change in season – all the trees have turned magnificent shades of yellows, reds, purples and oranges, and the leaves are dropping to the ground at a speedy rate, creating wonderfully colourful carpets. The days are shortening and the evenings closing in, and the weather is getting chillier; it’s definitely time to update your summer wardrobe and replace those sunny dresses with some autumn attire.

The good news is this season is packed full of fantastic designs, styles and looks to ensure you dress stylishly, whether heading into the office or the trendy nightclub. But as always, take care to follow the fashion dos of the current season and sidestep the don’ts!

Loud Collars Are In

Jazzy collars are all the rage this autumn as they finish off any outfit magnificently. As well as buying shirts and blouses with these collars, you can also purchase detachable collars which means you can make the most of your wardrobe and add glamour to lots of tops – and save a few pennies in the process.

Do– simply go for it, opting for shiny and bedecked collars.

Don’t – go too over the top or forget that plain tops or blouses work best with jazzy collars, especially for daywear.

Patterns Are The Way Forward

Wear your patterned clothing with pride this autumn, as they are the height of this season’s fashion, especially floral patterns.

Do – wear patterns all over, including accessories and shoes, as the head-to-toe pattern look is really trendy right now.

Don’t – be afraid to wear your patterns with a few block colours, such as a patterned top together with a black skirt, to really make the most of your wardrobe.

Bright Colours Are A Must

The art of adding a splash of colour to even the most sedate office wear shouldn’t stop just because the sun has gone into hiding for the next few months, so make sure you adorn yourself with a bit of colour before heading out to work.

Do – wear a bright jacket or colourful shoes with your favourite office suit, or use accessories to brighten up your outfit.

Don’t – go too bright, as you want to achieve the balance between smart and fun so go with a nice mixture of dark colours or black with a splash of vibrant colour.

Deep Reds Rule

Invest in some burgundy, purple and dark red shades this autumn and you’ll look cool when you step out.

Do watch out for the clash of the skin tone, making sure that the shade you pick is right for you. You want to complement your skin tone with the right shade.

Don’t – worry about mixing all your deep reds with other autumnal colours, and instead just go for it.

Say Yes To Comfortable Knits

Knitted tops look great with both skirts and trousers, so be sure to add a few to your wardrobe this autumn. Plus, knits are so comfy and warm to wear, just perfect for this time of year.

Do – go with rustic designs, choosing similar colours so the whole outfit looks natural together.

Don’t – be afraid to experiment with your knits.

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