5 Great Tips For Motivating Employees

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As an employer, you have to know how to motivate your employees. This will make them stay around for long and work not for the money but the satisfaction they get from their job. For some time now, I have come to appreciate the fact that motivated employees will do anything to make their boss happy. Here are a few tips I employ that can also help you in motivating your employees.

Be Part of the Group

When you participate in the company’s business not just as a boss but someone who is there to help others have an easier time complete their tasks and achieve their goals, your workers will feel more comfortable around you. Do not just give orders around but also, be an active part of the workforce. You should also be a role model for your workers. This means having high work and moral standards. If your workers respect you as a person and as a boss, they will want to work not just for the money but to keep the relationship they have with you.

Have a Reward System

Workers who feel appreciated and recognized for their contribution and hard work are more motivated than those who are not recognized for what they do for the company. If you do not recognize your employees’ efforts, they will only do what is expected of them or just work when they are under supervision. After all, they will say, no one will notice if we do something extra for the company. You can have a reward system where you recognize those who have delivered their target or those who have been excellent in their position. Just recognizing them through rewards and appreciation will help them stay motivated and focused on achieving more success in the future.

Encourage Workers to Participate in Running the Company

This is having a system where employees can channel their suggestions, questions and complaints. Not only should you listen to what they have to say but also, you should implement, solve and help them with their questions as much as you can. When the workers feel that you value what they think and actually try to make the work environment better for them, they get more motivated. Happy workers work more and stay in the same company for long.

Have a Compensation Plan for the Workers

This should be in the form of promotions, salary raise, benefits and rewards. You should not allow hard working employees to stagnate in one level. This will make them lose motivation. You can show that you recognize their effort by either  promoting them or raising their salaries or other bonuses such as a trip or a car.

Have a Clear Plan for the Company

Have a clear-cut goal of what you want the company to achieve, its mission and purpose. This you should communicate to the employees clearly. Let them know that they are an important part in the company’s success. If you are focused on the company goals, the workers too will follow suit. Also, encourage teamwork. This will help the employees get to know each other better and in turn, they can achieve more as a group. You can organize retreats for different groups in the workplace or have reward systems for teams that excel in their work. Such rewards or retreats bring the members closer and they can have the courage to take up new challenges or more difficult assignments in the future.

I have noticed that when the workplace is charged with positive and happy energy, there is more productivity and efficiency. You should aim to make the company a place all your employees look forward to coming in every day.

This is a guest post.  Damian is a regular contributor for Brisbane based change management website. He usually contributed on real business and finance related online projects. 


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