5 Mind Tricks That Will Make You Happier

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For many people, trying to make themselves happy can be an absolute chore. It may seem difficult to feel happy when you are dealing with relationship issues, financial problems and family matters. Even when times get tough, there are ways for you to trick yourself into being happier. While tricking yourself into feeling happy might seem like a bad idea, you will be amazed at how great you will feel once you let go of all of your worries and frustrations.

1. Live in the Here and Now

One thing that makes many people unhappy is thinking about the future. You might be working at a dead end job or you may be wondering how your marriage is going to work five years down the road. Instead of worrying and obsessing over what may or may not happen, just put yourself in the present. You are probably relaxing in front of the computer while drinking some coffee. You are comfortable and safe as you continue to use your computer. Just the thought of being comfortable and safe for a moment’s time can give you a sense of happiness. There is no reason to worry about what the future holds.

2. Be an Optimist

Too many people are pessimists and think about the bad in a situation before they think about the good. You may go on a job interview and automatically think that you will not land the job or that your marriage is not going to work because you got into one argument with your spouse. The best thing for you to do is to become an optimist. Try to keep negative thoughts out of your head and think positively about the outcome of situations. If you’re going on an interview, think about how enjoyable the new job will be when you get it. Think about how strong your relationship with your spouse is considering the amount of arguments you get into.

3. Think About What You Already Have

Another major problem that people have is that they become sad or upset over things they do not have. For example, you may become upset when you realize you can not buy new clothes because you don’t have the money. You may think about home renovation projects that need to get done and are at a standstill. Instead of obsessing over things that you do not have or need to get done, just think about what you already have. If it helps, make a list of all of the things you have in life and read it several times a day to remind yourself. You can add material things to this list like your car or home, but also write down other things that you have. These things can include having loving parents, working plumbing in your home or even just a neighbor who helps you out in the wintertime.

4. Set Aside Long-Term Goals and Focus on Short-Term Ones

Long-term goals can really become upsetting when you notice they are not getting done. Being upset can literally drain your life of any happiness. Because of this, try to set aside all of those long-term goals and write a list of things that are easy to get done and will still make a difference. For example, your long-term goal might be to replace the gutters on your home, but the short-term goal of this could be repairing the ones that you already have. Your projects will seem a lot easier when you do things this way.

5. Expect Less

One other problem that many people face is that they expect too much. They expect too much of themselves and others around them. When your child fails in math class, you may get extremely upset instead of focusing on the fact that he does well in all other classes. You might even expect too much of yourself on a daily basis when it comes to personal appearance and work. Many people diet and exercise and become unhappy when they do not reach their ultimate goal. Instead of expecting so much, try to expect less from yourself and others. You will find that you get disappointed a lot less and become happier more often when things are more than what you initially expected.

This is a guest post.  Joe Rimes is a psychologist and guest author at Best Psychology Degrees. Go here to read more of his work.


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