5 Tips for an Unforgettable House Party

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As we say goodbye to the summer that never really came, the mix of cold rainy nights and lack of finance can lead to many of us choosing a night in over a night out. The fact is that no matter how miserable the weeks can be everyone needs to let their hair down at the weekend in one way or another, so if you can’t go out why not bring the party to you? There are plenty of ways to make your home the epicentre of fun for you and your friends so why not consider these ultimate house party tips?

Create Space

To make your home a place where a party can really get going, it’s a wise idea to clear as much space as possible. Push back tables and chairs and move surplus furniture upstairs into rooms that won’t be used so you have plenty of room.

Find a DJ

Ask the question and you may soon discover that some friend of a friend is happy to DJ at your party which makes for a great night. Make sure they have space for their equipment and that the type of music they play is something you and your mates will enjoy (Don’t forget to be considerate of the neighbours!)

Choose a Theme

A great way to get people pumped about the night is to choose a theme for the party. Whether you fancy a black tie event or a Hawaiian theme complete with bikinis and coconuts, a theme will help to get people in the party mood before they arrive so they are ready to enjoy every minute of the night.

The Right Lighting

Imagine if the nightclub you sometimes go to was a brightly lit as your living room? It doesn’t really make for a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Take the time to organise nice lighting for the main areas; fairy lights around chairs and by windows are a great idea but you could also consider something a little more high tech such as disco lights to help set the tone, especially when the DJ starts. Don’t forget outside too as the chances are your party will spill out into the garden so ensure adequate lighting is in place.

Undercover Outside Space

If you are throwing a house party at some point over the next few months then there will be a strong chance of rain over the course of the evening. Prepare for this by looking into a gazebo with sides that can be assembled a couple of days before. Add lighting in there too together with a few chairs and you can rest assured it will be a fantastic space for guests no matter what the weather.

Ultimately, if you are planning on throwing a house party, these tips will go a long way in helping to ensure it’s one everyone will be talking about for months to come! Keep costs down by implementing a “bring a bottle” policy and you can achieve a great night in with friends on a budget.

This is a guest post. Sophie is about to throw her first house party in her new home and has already put the gazebo up complete with outside lighting, she has also sorted DJ equipment and is going to try her hand at the decks on the night!


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