5 Ways To Take Action and Move Forward in Life

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There comes a point in many people’s lives where they realize they are unhappy, stressed and overwhelmed, but remain unsure as to how to change it. If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in place, you may need to readjust your behavior in order to see the results that you want to achieve and the forward motion that you’ve been lacking. Remember that taking no action is the best way to get nowhere in your journey, but that forward motion requires planning and foresight in order to utilize your talents and put your best foot forward.

Fix What is Holding You Back

In most cases, people don’t move forward because something is holding them back. Each of us has our own individual challenges and setbacks in our lives, which is why you must start by evaluating what your personal hindrances are. Are you crippled by fear or anxiety? Is your low credit score standing in the way of achieving financial freedom? Take the steps that are necessary to your personal situation to get into a better place than the one you’re in right now.

Decide On a Path

Once you’ve addressed those things which are standing in the way of your happiness, you can decide where you’re going. Identify your passions and brainstorm life paths where you will be able to monetize and perfect your favorite skills or talents. When deciding a path, find something you’re going to love to challenge yourself at and learn from.

Set Goals

The next step in taking action and moving forward in your life is to set goals for the future. What do you want to see happen? Where do you want to be in two months? Where do you want to be in two years? Are your goals money-oriented, or are they based more in experience? What milestones are you going to need to pass in order to get where you want to be?



Setting goals doesn’t inherently get you any closer to success; in order to achieve your goals you’ll need to strategize your way to those milestones. Write a simple plan for yourself with solid dates that you want to make changes by. Draft a map of your journey, but realize that plans aren’t always perfect and you need to be somewhat flexible when it comes to life goals.

Get Moving and Evaluate Progress

After, and only after you’ve completed the aforementioned steps, move forward towards you goals as outlined in your plan. Keep your eye on the prize, and stop often to measure your progress against your plans. This is where flexibility comes into play, because you’ll need to adjust your plans if you’re not seeing the progress that you had expected.

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