7 Essentials For The Perfect Bachelor Pad

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So, you’ve graduated, got your first job and are ready to fly the nest. OK, with two and a half million people unemployed in the country and huge student debts, moving out as soon as you finish education is not as common as it used to be.

But for many young men, living on your own or with a group of fellow bachelors remains a rite of passage.

Here are seven essentials that you need for the perfect modern bachelor pad.

1. Leather sofa

You’re probably going to be spending a lot of time in front of the television, watching football and playing video games, so you need some comfortable furniture.

You can’t go wrong with leather, which is both stylish and comfortable, while sofas provide that extra space for socialising. If you’re living alone, a reclining armchair is the ultimate bachelor pad accessory.

2. Games console

Every bachelor pad needs at least one games console to while away those cold and lonely winter evenings. A variety of games is recommended, but you should have at least one football game and one multiplayer shooter game (mentioning no names). If you’re a more retro gamer, Mario Kart is great fun to play with friends.

3. Sound system

You’re going to need a good sound system for all those video games and films, as well as for music at parties – television speakers just aren’t powerful enough.

A home theatre system can either be built step by step, starting with primary speakers and then adding rear speakers, subwoofers and so on, or you can buy a pre-built system.

High-tech sound systems aren’t cheap but they’ll last a long time. Be wary of annoying your neighbours, though.

4. Pool table

Films and video games are good for when it’s just you and your flatmates but when you have guests round, you want something a bit more sociable, so turn off the TV and adjourn to the pool table.

Anyone can play pool but if you’re really serious about it, you could do tournaments or even set up a league amongst your mates. No drinks on the table, though!

5. Table football

Similarly, table football is great for social gatherings as up to eight people can play. No girl is going to be impressed by your highest score on Call of Duty, so show her your competitive streak on the football table instead.

6. Home bar

If you really want a bachelor pad that has everything you need and that you, in theory, never have to leave, a bar is the ultimate finishing touch.

It’s perfect for parties as an area for storing and serving drinks, and it oozes cool and class. If you’re limited for space, you can just add a single unit onto your kitchen or living room. Make sure there’s plenty of space for beer in your fridge, too.

7. Artwork

It doesn’t sound very manly, but artwork such as trendy framed prints or posters can add a bit of personality, character and colour to your home. They’re also something that guests (especially the ladies) can look at and enjoy.

All these essentials combined will leave you never wanting to grow up or get married, and will have your friends queuing at your door to visit.

Let us know in the comments if you have any additional ideas for what to have in a bachelor pad.

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