7 Ways to Feel Fulfilled

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Many people are seeking fulfillment in their lives. But what does that mean, and what will it take for them to feel fulfilled? Good question. The literal meaning of fulfillment is to have “satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s abilities or character,” according to Oxford Dictionary. Fulfillment differs from happiness in that it is a longer-lasting feeling based on achieving something.

So how can you feel fulfilled? Here are some suggestions:

  • Give yourself a reality check: If you are in a job that you are morally opposed to, or that just bores you, it’s no wonder you don’t feel fulfilled. If you can, you should try to find a new job. However, that may be hard to do in this economy. So you might want to find things outside of work that will make you feel more fulfilled.
  • Set some goals: Maybe you want to find a better job. If that is not an option, perhaps you’d like to go back to school. Or maybe you are looking to find something to do outside work. Whatever your goals are, big or small, write them down, and focus on them. As you accomplish each goal, whether it is as simple as organizing a bookshelf, you should feel a little fulfilled.

  • Try to find a hobby that you are good at, and that you derive pleasure from: As the saying goes, everybody is good at something. Think about what things you have done well in the past. Perhaps you can sew well, or are really great at bowling. Life coach advisors say to try to carve out a little time, even if it is only an hour a week, on your hobby.
  • Learn something new: Maybe you want to learn a new language, or read some classic literature, or pick up a computer program. Carving out time each day could help you feel fulfilled as your knowledge increases.
  • Volunteer to help others: The quickest way to forget your problems is to help somebody else. Just as little as an hour once a week could make you feel fulfilled with life.
  • Be mindful, and stay in the moment: If you sleepwalk through life, treating everything as drudgery, or thinking too much of the past or the future, you can never truly be fulfilled.
  • Do something just for you every day: Even as busy as your schedule is, try to carve out a little “me time” as a reward for your hard work during the day.  Just relaxing while reading the morning paper with a cup of coffee or taking a bubble bath before the end of the evening could make you feel a little more fulfilled.


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