7 Ways to Relax

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Even if you are overwhelmed by pressing work demands or a busy family life, you really can find a variety of ways to relax and unwind from your stressful world. Yes, believe it or not, you might be able to find some relaxation methods. Here are some tips to do so:

  • Lose yourself in a book: Whether you like to curl up with cozy mysteries, to read trashy magazines, or to expand your mind with history or science books, reading a book – whether a physical book or an ebook –may be a great way to escape from the world.
  • Get out and view nature: Just getting out in the natural world may have a soothing effect on you. Whether you can stroll around the local park, go to a botanic garden, or even just go for a drive in rural areas, you may find some renewal by watching nature.
  • Listen to music: Whether it is classical music, jazz or even rock or pop music that you like, music can help you relax and forget your troubles.
  • Drink some herbal tea: Between the ritual of making tea, and the action of drinking it, as well as the ingredients in the tea, you might feel some relaxation.

  • Schedule do-nothing time: If you are overscheduled, with plans from morning until night every day, it’s no wonder that you are stressed.  Life coach advisors say that you should try to have some time where you are not responsible to anybody but yourself, in no small part because it is something to look forward to. Try to fit in some time for you, even if it’s just that you take a real lunch.
  • Enjoy a delicious but healthy meal:  Instead of wolfing down a TV dinner in front of the television, why not have a real meal, with nice china and silverware and a beverage of your choice? The art of cooking can also be relaxing. But you don’t have to cook it yourself; just buy a meal that is a good, healthy one.
  • Work out: Whether it is going for a leisurely walk, doing a full-throttle workout, exercise can help relax you. The endorphins you may generate can help with your stress levels, too.

Of course, not all of the tips to relax apply to every person – after all, if you despise drinking tea, you won’t find anything relaxing about having a spot of tea.  And perhaps things that relax you may not be on this list. But you should think about what relaxes you, and do more of it to help contribute to your well-being.

This is a guest post.  Lisa Swan writes for a variety of websites, including MeredithHaberfeld.com

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