9 Easy Places to Get Free Moving Boxes

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Making the decision to move is only the first step of the journey you’re about to take. You still need to pack, move your things into your new place, unpack and create a home in your new house or apartment. For this process to work you’re going to need the right tools, more specifically; boxes.

Moving boxes can be expensive, and even if you do need to buy some of the bigger boxes, you don’t need to pay for all of the boxes you need to move your things. As someone who has visited a couple of these places in the past when looking for boxes, I can tell you they are quite helpful. However, as no one place is likely to give you all of the boxes you’ll need to pack I’ve made a list of 9 different places you can turn to when moving.

1. Freecycle

An incredible site that helps you get rid of things you don’t need, and get things you do. People sign up to join the group in their region and you all swap things between you, and it’s completely free.

2. U-Haul Box Exchange

U-Haul supports their clients sharing and splitting costs between them by sharing rides and boxes, which is pretty cool as it’s not the best way for them to make profits. Like with Freecycle, you sign up according to your location. They even have a special College Connection program that encourages students from the same college to split the cost and reduce waste by sharing boxes and rides.

3. Friends Working in Retail

If you work in retail then you’ve got the perfect supplier of boxes, or maybe you have some friends that can help you out.

4. Liquor Stores

I read somewhere that some liquor stores need to pay to have their boxes picked up, and therefore they’re willing to hand them out to anyone. Now, I don’t know if that’s true but I’m sure they’d give them to you anyway.

5. Bookstores

Books come in boxes, and books are heavy, so you know the boxes you get from bookstore will be sturdy and able to hold all of your heavy items.

6. Fast Food Places

A friend of mine did a stint working at McDonald’s once and was able to give me plenty of boxes. So next time you’re ordering a Big Mac, or you have a friend working in the fast food industry, don’t forget to ask for a few boxes.

7. Craigslist

The go-to site for most things for many people, Craigslist really seems to be the answer to almost anything.

8. Grocery Stores

Most, if not all of the food brought to grocery stores to be sold is brought there in boxes and crates, which will only be thrown out anyway so I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be willing to give them to you.

9. Starbucks

Grocery stores and fast food joints aren’t the only ones getting their supplies in boxes. You could essentially visit any business that sells any product. Starbucks tend to have good, sturdy boxes that they’ve used to transport their coffee.

Are there any places I haven’t mentioned that you can think of to get free boxes?

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