A Guide to Hydroponic Gardening

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Have you ever imagined growing plants mainly in water without soil? This technique was discovered way back in 1627 by a famous scientist named Francis Bacon. It paved the way to the discovery of what we now know as hydroponics.

Basically, it follows the concept that plants don’t need soil to grow as long as the essential mineral nutrients are introduced artificially. With just water, plants can thrive solely on their own. Soilless gardening has a faster growth rate compared to the more traditional method of gardening. We save more because we use less pesticides and worry less since topsoil erosion would not be a problem.

Hydroponics is slowly becoming the preferred way of organic gardening. With numerous benefits and less risks, people are now becoming curious as to this new technique. As for beginners, you can start off by doing research on how to build your own hydroponic system or where you can purchase one depending on which is more convenient for you.

Resources on this new organic gardening method are unlimited so it wouldn’t be very difficult to learn more about this. Lastly, a tip for all is to be patient since it is mostly trial and error especially if you decide to build your own system. Nonetheless, hydroponics is fun, especially for those with green thumbs.

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