A History of Staying Cool

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The game must go on!  If you participate in outdoor sports and live in an environment that is known for its extreme temperatures you are familiar with the struggles to keep the game going without suffering the consequences of overheating.  Even without extreme weather, overheating in sports is a valid concern.

The good news is that there are several products on the market today that assist outdoor athletes in cooling down when they are on the sidelines or taking a quick breather.

A must have is an accessory that will provide shade.  By simply adding shade you can reduce the temperature by up to 20 degrees.  This could be accomplished by an umbrella, canopy or tent.  To really maximize your cooling add misting fans or misting tents to the equation.

Take a look at the infographic above How People Have Stayed Cool Over Time to see the creative ways people have stayed cool over the years.

The infographic was created by David Shank, the VP/Sales of a company providing cooling methods to businesses and homeowners.


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