Activities For A Great Night In With Friends

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socializing with friendsOpportunities to spend time with friends can sometimes be scarce due to work and family commitments so it is very important to make the most of any chance you get to be with them.

Holidays and trips away are great ideas but being able to do this more than once a year is rare for a lot of people.

Going out for a meal at a fine restaurant or arranging a night out together may be perfectly viable options but if you prefer a night in on this occasion then the following are a few ideas to consider.

Get together for karaoke
It may be unlikely for you to have all the typical pub karaoke equipment set up in your home but it is very easy to get everyone together for a singing competition on one of the games consoles.

This is the perfect activity for some healthy competitiveness and plenty of laughs and it is even better after a glass of wine or two.

Have a pool or poker tournament
Some people have a games room set up in their home and if you can set aside a space in your living quarters for this then the possibilities are almost endless for the features you can include.

Besides arcade games and video consoles you may wish to have a pool table and this is ideal for a night in with friends. You can also set up a game of poker and host a tournament if you wish and the stakes are entirely up to you.

Host a dinner party
The takeaway option is absolutely perfect for some nights in, especially when friends are present, but why not decide to dine in style? The dinner party scenario is favoured by so many people and it allows you to play host or hostess in the company of those who are closest to you.

Gather around in the garden
If the weather allows for it then there are few things better than having a gathering in your garden, if the space is big enough.

Summer is characterised in many ways by barbecues with the daytime or evening sun shining so if you ever get the opportunity then do not hesitate to order in some food and refreshments for this.

Try some cocktail making
A cocktail party is a terrific social gathering idea and it can be an extremely enjoyable theme for a night in. Provide your own ingredients and make sure that your guests bring theirs too.

Whether you are a total beginner or a dab hand with the exotic drinks you will be pretty much guaranteed to have fun.

Pull out the film classics
Movies are ideal for many occasions, whether it is time spent alone or with a partner, and they are just as useful when it comes to a night in with a number of friends.

A film night is the chance to watch a few of your favourites, either back-to-back or in between some of the other listed activities.

Matt Evans set up a games room in his house and after browsing for pool tables online he was able to have friends over for a few light-hearted competitions.

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