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One of the most important things to remember when you are planning a trip into the countryside is to make sure that you are properly prepared and kitted out for whatever activity you have planned. Britain has such as wide range of landscapes and terrain that you certainly won’t be stuck for something to do when you want to enjoy the outdoors and get close to nature. Many pieces of kit designed for use outdoors are interchangeable between sports and activities, and if you are a sporty type then you will no doubt find yourself reaching for the same piece of kit time and time again. Here are a few pointers and suggestions with regard to some of the essential items that you will probably want to have to hand.

Coats and jackets

Having a suitable outer shell is considered an essential when you are heading out into the countryside. Of course the time of year will dictate the type of item you’ll need, as will your destination and the type of activity that you are proposing to do. If you’re heading into the mountains during the winter months then a fully waterproof, lined jacket is likely to be what you’ll require. If you simply want to stay dry from an April shower during a walk along the beach then something like a lightweight waterproof will no doubt suffice. The trick when it comes to kitting yourself out for the countryside is understanding the best tools to use in specific situations.


As with outer layers, it is vital to make sure that you have the correct footwear when you are heading into the outdoors. If walking in the mountains is on the agenda then you will want sturdy boots with good grip so you can remain surefooted during ascents. For low-level activities, a walking trainer might be more appropriate. Gaiters can be an especially useful tool, helping to keep the top of your footwear and the bottom of your legs dry in wet conditions. Also, don’t forget to have suitable socks too.


Depending on how long you plan to spend in the outdoors, you will probably want to carry some extra kit and provisions with you. Having a suitable rucksack can prove to be invaluable. The space in packs is measured in litres, and while something like a 20 litre daysack will be suitable for most walking trips, you might well require something like a 60 or 70 litre pack if you are planning an extended trip away from home.

Extra essentials 

Outside of your main equipment, there are a number of items that you should always think about carrying with you on a trip into the countryside. Make space for a torch, first aid kit, water bottle, map, compass, provisions and extra warm clothing and one day you might well be especially glad of it. Exploring the outdoors can be incredible fun, but it always pays to be prepared just in case events do not go to plan. Having something as simple as a small torch with you could end up making all the difference.

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