America: Then and Now

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Today, Americans have a slight obsession with the 1980s. From VH1 television shows to 80’s themed dances, it seems like America wants to take a few steps back in time to a different era. However, a detailed look at 1983 shows that everything wasn’t big hair and foot-tapping rock music back then.

Personal electronics were just becoming a popular consumer item in 1983. Computers were big and bulky, cameras were humongous, and cell phones didn’t even exist in the popular market. Most music was still sold on cassettes, and the Sony Walkman had hit the shelves just a few years earlier. Today’s world of iPads, smartphones and laptops wasn’t even dreamed of in the early 1980s.

Women’s liberation hadn’t taken full flight either. Federal congress had a quarter of the female members that it does today. Women in the 1980s were still struggling with the glass ceiling and earning respect in the workplace. It would be years before women were fully accepted as equal members of the workforce.

Source: Life in America: 1983 vs. Today


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