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Answers To Some Of Life’s Most Important Questions

Door To New World [1]When people go through life, many think that doing good by people, making the right choices, and saying your prayers that one will automatically be ‘saved’.

However, the Bible tells us that in order to be ‘saved’ you must be a Christian and hold all Christian beliefs.

This can be very confusing, trying to sort out if one is truly a Christian and who will have eternal life.

What is a Christian?

A Christian is not a person who went to church every Sunday growing up or someone who was raised in a Christian family.

A Christian is one whom has fully received Jesus Christ as their Savior, and who strives after righteousness from an overflow of a changed heart and the indwelling of the Spirit of holiness.

A Christian is a new beginning, a new person, recreated within by the gracious, mighty hand of God.

Can becoming a Christian guarantee Salvation?

Scripture tells us that Christians are promised eternal life, to be in heaven with God forever, “Believe and you will have eternal life”.

Justification begins at the moment of faith, and glorification is for those whom God justifies.

Redeemed is the price God pays to declare you salvation.

For a Christian to lose salvation, God would have to revoke all these things, redemption, justification and glorification.  Scripture tells us that God never goes back on his word, and revokes these things from us.

The Bible says that those who are “true” Christians will have eternal life, therefore, the only way to lose salvation is continuing to have immoral values, and reject faith in Christ, which  means that a person was never redeemed to begin with,  nor ever was a true Christian and so this also means that it honestly wasn’t God taking back the promise of eternal life, it was the person who was never ‘newly created’.

Before a “new creation” in life, you may sometimes wonder why it seems bad things come your way, and doubting anything good will ever come to you.

Why do bad things continue to happen to you?

Maybe you have had more bad relationships so far in life  than you even want to think about.  Maybe people treat you bad in your everyday life?  Do people continually let you down, or take advantage of you?

Do doors to everywhere you try and enter always seem to be closed?  Does darkness follow you around?  Do you have a constant hunger for more in life?

Ministries such as Heart Felt Christian Counseling understand that the reason for many of these dynamics is often related to an absence of a love for God in one’s life.  God is the bread of life that satisfies your hunger, the light of the world that repels darkness, the resurrection and the way to salvation.

The Bible tells us that because we continue to sin we continue to be separated from God.  Due to the fact that He alone can satisfy us, trials are often gracious acts from the Lord to draw us to Himself where we will be truly and infinitely blessed.

In other words, the only way to feel full, to get through those closed doors, to see the light, to have people treat you respectfully and to maintain good relationships is to become a Christian, filling our personal voids and be able to walk with Christ through this life and through eternal life.

God is not a genie

By no means does the Bible purport the idea that you should believe upon Jesus so that you can have a better life, in fact many of the strongest believers in history have experienced some of the hardest trials life can offer.

Even God-the-Son Himself, who never sinned and always did what was pleasing to the Father suffered the worst of fates.  Though He did rise again and is the King of Kings, His life was one of magnanimous difficulty.

We are to look to the Lord because of who He is and what He has done, which in turn furnishes a true abiding joy and trust that truly satisfies the soul and enables one to persevere and see the value in life’s great trials.

From tamales to help for depression [2], Cindi’s writing in Missouri is quite diverse.  She is also a mother and medical coder.

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