Are Psychics Real?

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Are Psychics Real?Are psychics real?

This question has come up quite a few times over the years.  Whenever someone asks me this question, I always wonder about their motives for asking.

Are they considering a psychic reading?  Are they searching for something they believe a psychic medium will deliver?

Normally, I get the same response.  Just curious.  I’ve always wondered if psychics are real.

Kim Zolciak, are psychics real?

The question arose again recently as my friend Denise gave me the run-down on the former real housewife of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak.  The whole reality TV matter is an entirely different article.  For now, I’ll share a bit about Kim, as she relates to this article.

Apparently, she has a psychic that she visits to learn of things to come.  It was revealed in one episode that, after reading her palm the psychic foresaw Kim having a son (she already had two daughters at the time).

She and then boyfriend (now husband) Atlanta Falcon defensive end Kroy Biermann, learned thereafter, that they were expecting.  Kim gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Hence, my friend Denise wondering are psychics real.

When this topic comes up, I always think about three things.  Ocean’s 12, Simon Baker and the lottery.  What the what?  Read on, I’ll explain more.

Ocean’s 12

In Ocean’s 12, Reuben Tishkoff (played by Elliott Gould) was having his palm read when antagonist Terry Benedict walked in.  Reuben’s response to the psychic was classic: This? You couldn’t see *this*?

Reuben was obviously turned off that his palm reading fortune teller was unable to predict his apprehension.  Had she been legit and able to predict the future, why then couldn’t she predict his enemy’s presence just moments away?

Simon Baker, are psychics real or fake?

If you know who Simon Baker is, you also know he stars in a very popular and successful show on CBS, The Mentalist.  The premise of the show is that Baker’s character, Patrick Jane works as a consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation or CBI.

His former profession as a fake psychic comes in handy on their cases because – get this – he knows how to read people’s behavior and expressions to uncover their personal information.  Episode after episode reveal Jane’s remorse about his former lifestyle and the victims he defrauded.

The Lottery

This is a very, very simple explanation.  If psychics were real, they would be able to predict the winning numbers of any lottery drawing.  Every psychic charges a fee for their “special talent”.  Therefore, we can conclude that money is just as important to them as it is to the rest of us.

That being said, why not predict the winning numbers and their order for the next Powerball drawing?

While they’re at it, why not do some good in the world?  Maybe predict natural disasters before they happen to save a few lives?  Or, even take a gander into the future to see how to cure cancer?

These things don’t happen because PSYCHICS ARE NOT REAL.  In addition, if you have any religious upbringing, you’ve probably been taught that it is not a wise decision to consult with a person who mingles with dark spirits.

Ask Wikipedia are psychics real. What is the seventh word in their definition?

So there you have it.  Just my thoughts on the legitimacy of psychics.  So the next time someone asks you, are psychics real, how will you respond?

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