Avoid Domestic Violence By Controlling Your Temper

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Married life can cause plenty of stress on a couple, especially if they are just newly weds. The pressure of a lifetime commitment in a relationship can trigger petty fights that can lead to larger and even abusive fights which can result into domestic abuse. In most of these fights, couples often let their temper get the best of them. As such, the only option that couples have in order to get along better and keep their relationship healthy is by learning to control their temper. Here are a few tips that may help couples have a better start to their relationship.

Get To Know Each Other Better

Just because you have gotten married does not mean that you must not continue to get to know your spouse better. You may already be familiar with each other’s habits while dating, but we all have different habits inside a home. So if you find a problem with each other’s flatulence, manner of sleeping or OCD ways, then you must be thankful that these are all that bothers you. If you only keep on noticing these things and make a big deal out of it, then you are only making things worse. All you have to do is accept your spouse as is and be thankful that he or she does not have a drinking or drug problem at all.

Is The Fight Worth It?

Not all fights you may have in a marriage are worth it. Fights over household chores and other simple things is not reason enough for you to even suggest seeing a marriage counselor. If there is something bothering you, then you must talk with your spouse calmly and discuss the problem. When a fight begins from something small and everyone loses their temper, the fight will most likely result in hurtful words that will be regretted later.

Talk About It

When you know that something is bothering you, it is essential that you discuss it with your spouse. Think about it for a while and determine if it is something that must be brought up and discussed or if it can be tolerated. If you are annoyed with your partner’s OCD behavior and constant nagging to follow suit, you must present your feelings in the gentlest way without hurting your spouse. Never let the annoyance build up inside you and cause a fight.

Nevertheless, it is necessary that you also consider the feelings of your spouse. If you are in a disagreement with your spouse, take some time to consider why he or she has that opinion. It is important that you understand the other side of the story and weigh the difference before coming to a conclusion or deciding on a resolution.

Never Forget To Compromise

Always remember that in a marriage, you will have to think of your spouse’s feelings and needs as well and not just your own. Both must learn to give and take in order to compromise. Each must be fair to prevent resentment from being felt which can seriously affect a marriage. So, be flexible and enjoy your relationship so both can get what they want.

Take A Breather

If you are really having trouble keeping your temper in, then go for a walk or do something that will distract you. It will not help you both if you are not calm to discuss the problem. Try not to approach your spouse as well until he or she is also calm. High tempers can provoke dangerous fights between married people and this must always be avoided.


This is a guest post.  Valerie Howards is a freelance writer specializing in domestic violence. She regularly contributes articles to www.BailBondsDirect.com

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