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Cycling to work Is a current government scheme that is in place to help people save on fuel, save the environment and keep fit, so ask your manager for more details.

Many people cycle to different places for different reasons, including keeping fit, saving the environment and saving money. For keen sportsmen you may even be training for a serious competitive event. There are more cyclists on the roads now than ever before so it’s even more important for other road users to take extra care when driving.

On average in the UK, rain falls on around 140 days of the year, this can be a hindrance for many cyclists. Cyclists do not want to seat on a wet seat on their journey home, not only because it’s uncomfortable but also because, over long periods of time, it can cause damage to the bike. Many companies, schools, libraries, shopping centers and train stations etc. have top quality cycle shelters or sheds installed. This is because these are the sorts of places where if a bike is bought along it will be there for a significant period of time. For example, if you cycle to work your bike will be outside for around eight hours per day, so if it rains on it every day it won’t do it much good.

Sales of cycle shelters and sheds have increased massively over the last few years. They have become more popular as companies and colleges feel their employees or students should benefit from the use of cycle shelters to protect their bikes. Some companies are actively encouraging the cycle to work scheme to keep their employees fit and healthy as a way to reduce the time that they are absent due to sickness.

Cycle shelters can withstand any weather condition and are designed and made to keep bikes dry and safe. They can be made in many shapes, sizes and varieties to suit all cycles and can be customized to allow the parking of motorcycles; the shelters can now be created with doors that lock whilst the bikes are inside which ensures the safety of the bikes.

The benefits of all outdoor shelters are that they are easy to install and all come with instructions to set up manually. The company are usually willing to construct them for a small fee. The prices of the shelters vary depending upon size and style and the company that you buy from.

So if you are a company or in charge of your local public areas, installing cycle shelters or sheds is a must if the government want the public to take part in the keep fit and save fuel option.

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