Bears! How To Avoid Being Mauled By Them!

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Bear attacks are something that a lot of people really worry about when it comes to outdoor survival. Although bears are not that common, even in the wilderness, they are something that can appear and have an impact on our pleasant camping vacations.

A bear can technically kill a human, and there are, annually, a number of fatal bear attacks in north America, so it pays to understand how to avoid bears before you try and go out somewhere where they might be on the roam.

You may hear all kinds of advice about what to do if confronted by a bear, but really, the best way to avoid bear issues is not to see a bear at all. Here are some tips for avoiding bears when you are planning a camping trip:

Talk To Park Rangers

Bear sightings are supposed to always be reported to the ranger of the park where the sighting occurs. This doesn’t just mean when a bear is actually seen, but even when somebody has sighted bear tracks or bear feces.

You should therefore contact the ranger of the area where you are thinking about camping, and see if there are any problems with bears in the area before you plan to stay there.

Bears tend to be quite easy to spot, because they are large and leave lots of signs that they have been around with their paw prints and large stools, so chances are if there are bears on the prowl in your potential camping site someone else will already have seen them.

Check Out the Space

Before you set up your camp, check out the area around you. You should always set up camp during the day so you have a chance to look for signs of bears. As stated, bears do leave a lot of signs of their presence, so you should be checking out whether there are big bear foot prints or piles of bear droppings anywhere in the vicinity. This is also a good chance to look for signs of other dangerous animals like snakes or nests of wasps and other insects.

Make Noise When Walking Around

When you are walking through the woods and want to be safe, it is important to be as noisy as possible. Bears will rarely come out of where they are hiding just to come and cause you problems, so if they can hear you walking around they will usually give you a wide berth. You should talk loudly to your companions, laugh, or even sing.

If you are alone, sing a song even if it makes you feel a bit crazy – it will keep the bears away! If you have a dog, you should keep them on their leash too, they may otherwise run off in search of a bear if they catch the scent and this can flush a bear out of where it is hiding and lead it directly to you.

Bears aren’t that big of a menace, but you do need to treat the possibility they may be around as a hazard. Follow these tips for camping survival and bears shouldn’t ruin your vacation!

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