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David Beckham is still as in-demand as a style icon as ever. That’s a pretty impressive feat after a brood of kids, several career shakeups and over 15 years as one of Britain’s most prominent celebrities. Being married to an up and coming fashion designer in Victoria Beckham surely hasn’t hurt him in the style stakes. Let’s take a look at his biggest fashion hits.

His Breitling watch

Beckham has recently teamed up with Breitling to promote their new Unitime timepiece. He appears in the advert shot by famous music video photographer against the background of a US airport. The watch itself is the latest evolution of a timepiece first created in the 60s – a watch that can tell the time in 24 different timezones simultaneously. An advertising campaign will appear exclusively in London this autumn.

His hair

Beckham can be credited with starting plenty of the most persistent men’s hairstyle trends of the last ten years. In particular, the spiky blonde Mohawk and the shaven headed blonde look. However, his best look is probably the styled and side-swept retro look he wore to the royal wedding in the spring of 2011.Beckham really started the trend for footballers setting fashion trends for UK consumers and this is the reason why his cache is still so high today.

His Louis Vuitton collection

One of the biggest trends synonymous with Beckham is the concept of the ‘man bag’. Beckham elevated the time-honoured tradition of putting things in a bag to carry them about by using luxury Louis Vuitton products. His favourite style seems to be the waterproof monogrammed holdall. This bag is practical enough to suit a glamour footballer – high end but useful enough not to make an athletes image ridiculous.

It doesn’t stop there, he’s recently had endorsements with Armani underwear, and an incredible deal with Adidas that estimated to earn him $160 million dollars over his lifetime. Adidas were keen to keep Beckham on board and away from the clutches of rivals Nike – and were willing to pay the salary to keep him.

It’s no surprise that Breitling watches chose Beckham to represent glamour, success and the jet setting lifestyle. David is reportedly worth £160million and his wife Victoria’s income from her fashion empire only adds to the family’s wealth. In the list of highly paid athletes, David ranks at number eight behind golfer Phil Micklenson and in front of fellow footballer Christiano Ronaldo.

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