Brain Hack the 7 Deadly Sins

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Although the seven deadly sins have always weaseled their way into the personalities of the majority of human beings, as thinking creatures, we can use brain-hacks to rid ourselves of these pestilences. Let’s start with the sin that seems to be the most prevalent among modern people — sloth.

Although lying about the couch stuffing chips into your face may seem like an optimal way to spend time, it’s often a sign that you’re depressed. Sloth only begets more sloth, and the only way to exorcise it from your life is to get up off the couch and put down the bag of junk food.

Every community has a park or some type of outdoor option for the attainment of exercise and fresh air, and those suffering from a case of slothfulness should take immediate advantage and force themselves off the couch and into the vitamin D producing sunlight. Sloth will fade from your life as you spend time on outdoor activities.

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