Common Dangers to Avoid on Black Friday

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Hundreds of thousands of shoppers will be coming out for all those Black Friday deals this year, but shoppers rarely consider the common dangers they should avoid on Black Friday. It does not matter if you are a first-time shopper this day or a well-seasoned, veteran shopper; the dangers are there and can affect anyone.

Shopping injuries

People get downright mean on Black Friday as they try grabbing up all those holiday wishes to make their loved ones happy or just trying to get the best deal that they don’t remember we are all human and not animals. When everyone is outside the stores waiting in the same line it seems calm but just as they open the doors is when the moods will change. Everyone wants in at the same time, there has been a death when one man was trampled to death by the crowd trying to get into the store. There can be kicking, shoving, clawing, biting, hitting, etc. Watch everyone around you, that last doll that you are reaching for may set off an attack so be weary when you grab it.


With all the people standing around waiting in line, it is possible you won’t notice the one person picking pockets as he/she passes through a crowd, especially as everyone is rushing through the doors to get inside. Everyone is already slamming into one another that you may not even notice your own pocket was just picked. They could be watching those that use an ATM and target them once they see they have withdrew money. This means you should be very careful as you walk through the store, if you feel you are being followed, ask for a police escort to your vehicle once you’ve made your purchases. If possible, get your money from an ATM before heading to the stores.

Car break-ins

This is the perfect opportunity for a burglar to grab your stuff, especially if you are the type that purchases from one store and drives straight to the next. When you leave your purchases in a car so they are visible they cry out to the burglar look at me and sure enough they will strike or attempt to strike. Park under light and if possible, as close to the front of the store as possible, the further away you park the more likely you will become a target. Place all your purchases in your trunk and secure it. Make sure your vehicle is locked before you walk away and that no one is wandering the parking lot when you are headed back out to your car.

Watch for cars

Many pedestrians have been getting hit or ran over when crossing the front of the store to the parking lot because they simply are not watching. But sometimes those in the vehicles are just in such a rush they are not caring. If you are a pedestrian look before you cross the street, if you are the driver, be safe and watch out for people crossing the parking lots. No one wants a ticket during the holiday season or an accident.

This is a guest post.  Apart from being a licensed veterinarian, Susan Wright is also a freelance writer. Susan enjoys sharing gift giving ideas for friends, family and pets.

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