Dealing with Emotions

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This past weekend I was forced to deal with something that I had long buried and convinced myself no longer existed.  My feelings about the demise of a very important and special friendship.

As human beings, we are quite crafty in how we process emotions.  We find ways to justify how we deal with our emotions – whether in a healthy or in a damaging fashion.  We can celebrate them, enjoy them, suppress them, dismiss them, ignore them, be controlled by them or even become numb after their initial onset. Emotions are very powerful.  They motivate and drive our behavior.  This is why it’s important to process them.

Most importantly, we need to accept and release our emotions.  You don’t necessarily have to act on them, but you should accept them for what they are and deal with them in a way that promotes a healthy state of mind.

Emotions also affect your health.  Positive emotions promote good health, and negative emotions deteriorate your mind and body.  An unstable mentality often results in mood swings and depression.

I learned firsthand over the last few days what happens when buried emotions are awakened.  A flood of thoughts, confusion, denial, tears and eventually acceptance filled my mind.  I became emotionally and mentally distracted.  I felt extremely vulnerable and sensitive.  My moment of relief came, when I finally acknowledged the pain I felt when the friendship ended. Then came sadness and tears at the mere thought of the matter.  The worst part is, I was surprised at what was happening to me.

Dealing with our emotions can unlock serious lifestyle changes.  For example, negative emotions like anger, grief, rejection and fear can stunt our growth. They cause us to avoid people we love.  They also prevent us from moving on from that point of disconnect.  Positive emotions like love, excitement, happiness and peace build self confidence, enthusiasm and an optimistic disposition.

Which would you rather experience in your life?  The limiting shroud of denial or the freedom of acceptance?

Dealing with our emotions won’t always be easy.  Working through them however, will release the pain that you don’t want to feel.  So how do you move forward?

Acknowledge, accept and need be, forgive.

As for my experience with repressed emotions, truthful and open communication was the key reconciliation.  Be honest with yourself and be honest with others.  Life is too short to not enjoy the people you genuinely care about.

How have you dealt with difficult emotions and what was the outcome?




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