Denver’s Seven Most Beautiful Parks

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Denver has many beautiful and well maintained parks for its citizens and visitors alike to enjoy. They are to be found all over the city, and are the ideal spot to take a breather whether you are here for business or pleasure. Denver hotels will advise you of your nearest park, but these are my favourites.

Cheesman Park is the essence of peacefulness, and although quite big (about 80 acres) has lots of little nooks where the outside world is hidden. Cheeseman also has wide open spaces, and, conveniently for runners, the path is exactly a mile long. It is a great place to chill or to meet up with others.

City Park has been described as an oasis on the east side, and that is a fairly accurate description. It is large -three hundred and thirty acres and the biggest in Denver – and houses the zoo as well as a couple of lakes. This is Denver’s answer to Central Park and right next to it is a golf course.

Civic Center Park is bang in the middle of downtown Denver, is beautifully landscaped and makes a great place to stop and have a breather in the middle of town. Lots of city events, such as Taste of Colorado, Martin Luther King Day, Theatre in the Park, are all held here, and you could easily be lucky enough to come across one if you visit.

Confluence Park is named such because it is sited at the place where Cherry Creek and the South Platte river meet. It is an ideal place to watch kayakers tackle the rapids, or to lie on the grass and have a wide view of the city. There are trails for cyclists and walkers, and plenty of space for games. It is a really pleasant place to relax.

Commons Park has a trendy vibe. It has been designed to mix the industrial landscape on one side with the houses and apartments on the other, and definitely succeeds in doing that. People can be seen strolling here at all hours of the day and night. Skateboarders are catered for, and you can walk to Confluence and see the kayakers battling with the South Platte river nearby.

Washington Park is one of Denver’s most popular places to be, and is affectionately known as Wash Park by locals. It is huge, big enough for two lakes, and with the most beautifully maintained ¬†flower gardens. It is possible to rent a boat to have a turn out on the lake, or a swim in the indoor pool if the weather is not up to scratch. Wash Park has facilities for most sports, but if that is not your thing, then a gentle stroll might be the answer.

Sloan’s Lake Park has a great view of the Denver skyline as it is to be found in the Highlands district of the city. As the name suggests, there is a lake right in the middle of the park where water sports, including water skiing, take place. It’s a fantastic place to have a picnic and laze in the sun.

With the frenetic pace of life today, we sometimes can forget that leisure is just as important as work, and it is hard to imagine a better place to recharge your batteries than at any one of Denver’s parks, and I promise you will feel renewed.

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