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Are you one of those people, who always puts business before pleasure?   You know the type.  They can’t hang out, go shopping or make it to the beach, because they have too much work to do.  All work and no play. Guess what? You need to do things that make you happy.

Our emotions play a big part in our health and our overall well being.

Don’t let your entire day consist of only doing the things you need to do and never the things you want to do.  It’s easy to get caught up with all our responsibilities and at the end of the day, we are just exhausted with no moment of happiness to send us off to sleep.

Does that sound like you?  Well, it certainly sounds like me.  As of late, I have been more and more conscious of this in my own life.

So what can you do about it?  For starters, if you’re aware of the problem – and yes, this is a problem – then take steps to correct it.  There are simple things you can do that will provide emotional stimulation throughout your day. Take a look at this short list, of simple ways to do things that make you happy.

  • Give yourself something to look forward to!  It can be something small, like taking a bath to relax, spending time outdoors, reading or polishing off that mango sorbet.
  • Get one thing accomplished for the day that has been bugging you.  The feeling of accomplishment will help you relax and sleep better.
  • Talk to, email, Facebook, IM or visit someone with whom you want to catch up.
  • Find someplace to visit that will allow you to take in the view and appreciate environment.  It can be a rose garden, your local beach or even your backyard.  Yes, your backyard.
  • Last but certainly not least, be open to stepping out of your comfort zone.  If you have a set schedule every single day, do something different.  Take a different route home from work. If you never attend your friend’s movie night, take her up on the offer.

So there you have it.  Five ways to do things that make you happy.  Here’s a bonus for you, (who doesn’t love something extra) put a list together of small things that make you happy.  Now it should be even easier.

Everyone wants to be happy.  So why not do things that make you happy?  What little things do you do, to keep yourself happy?  Share your list in the comment box below.

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