Do Your Bit- Recycle Your Tins And Save Money

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recycleRecycling is more important than ever now, rather than just putting your used tins out to be collected every week why not be more creative. There are lots of great uses for tin cans which will save you money. Here are five creative uses for tin cans-

Flannel Holder

Flannels are something that never look right draped over the towel rail; they are just too small and look odd. A great way to store them is to create little cubby holes to attach to the wall. Take a tin can and file down any sharp edges, then paint however you like and nail to the wall. I find six tins in rows of two looks best, but four is also great. You can now roll up your flannels and store in a practical but attractive way.

Plant Pots

Rather than buying expensive terracotta pots why not make a quirky plant pot for free. A tin can is the perfect shape and size for small plants and herbs. Make a few to create a mini herb garden in your kitchen. Take a tin and clean it thoroughly. Paint any colour, I find white or cream works best. Fill with soil and you’re ready to pop your plant or seeds in!

Tidy Aways

Utility rooms and garages can get quite untidy when we don’t have a simple storage system. Take a tin and paint or leave the branding on for a quirky look. Attach a piece of thin rope to hang the tin from by drilling two small holes either side of the top of the tin.

Thread through and tie on the inside to hold in place. In your garage or utility room nail a thin strip of wood to the wall, then add nails to hang tins off, only hammering in half way. You can hang your tins and use them to store all the bits and bobs that don’t have a home.

Lanterns For A Garden Party

To add an extra special touch to your garden party hang homemade lanterns from tree branches. Lanterns bought in shops can be expensive and are often made of tin, so make your own! Taking a tin can punch holes in using a drill in a pretty and even pattern.

Paint in a colour of your choice or leave silver as many lanterns out there are unpainted. Using two of the holes at the top add a piece of string to hang the lanterns from. Pop a tea light in and hang around the garden.

If you want to try lots of crafts using tins but you don’t have enough tins or you don’t want to use used tins for some of the crafts you can always buy clean brand new tins from tin companies. There are lots of great uses for tins that saves you spending money on expensive items that serve the same purpose, and you are helping the environment at the same time!

Eilidh MacRae works for Tinware Direct who are a tin company supplying tinware. 

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