Does Size Matter?

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women_s_fashionIf it’s made in your size, does it mean you should wear it?

Fashion trends always seem to change on a daily basis, but there is a right and wrong way to go about taking part in those trends.

It Fits…Or Does It?

Sure, they make skinny jeans in a size 32, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to look good.

By the same token, thin women wearing skinny jeans that are too small will also look unflattering, creating rolls where normally there wouldn’t be any.

Consider the parts of your body where you are most confident.  Wear your clothes to emphasize that.

If you have great shoulders, a halter top will really show them off.

If you have great legs, wear a shorter skirt.  If you are shapely, accentuate your waist with a skinny belt. You have the right to wear what you choose, but just because it is made in every size does not mean it will look good on every size.

The Right Size

Choosing a garment, whether it follows the women’s fashion trends for today or is more retro, should be based on how it fits. Don’t buy anything off the rack without trying it on.

Once you get it home, you are less likely to take it back and you will either wear it ill-fitting or just have wasted that money with nothing to show for it. If you are losing weight or your weight fluctuates, don’t be afraid to have a few different sizes.

Grab the size above and below your current size.  It’s not about the number. It’s about the fit. Also, sizes differ based on the manufacturer. You may wear a 10 in one brand, but a 14 in another.

Style It Up

There are so many ways to integrate fashion without going all out.  For example, a current style is a white skinny jean, colorful top, and scarf.  You can take that same idea but for the larger sizes, use a longer “men’s dress shirt” and pair it with the skinny jean and scarf.

Shoes can make all the difference.  For an illusion of a longer leg, use a higher shoe. If you have larger calves, don’t wear anything that cuts your leg too soon, like an ankle strap.

That will just draw attention where you don’t want it.  Ballet flats are nice and subtle and can look great on anyone. Also consider the chunky jewelry trends.  The phrase “less is more” definitely applies here.   This goes for all sizes.

If you are wearing a chunky bracelet, don’t wear a ring or matching necklace.  If you are wearing a big necklace, wear a more subtle top and no other jewelry.  Otherwise you will look as if your jewelry is eating you alive.

The bottom line is that you have every right and freedom to wear what you wish. But if you want it to be positively received, take some care in how you do it. There are many plus size celebrities who look beautiful, and it’s not because they are wearing the latest trends, it’s is because they know how to wear them.

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