Does Your Furniture Reflect Your Lifestyle?

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living room lifestyleYour living space is a reflection of your personality and in order for it to showcase who you are, you’ll want your home furnishings to match your tastes.

However, getting your personalized style, layout of the room and functionality to mesh can be challenging. The following are some important factors that will help in bringing everything together.

First Thing to Know

Determining who the pieces of furniture are going to represent is critical when making a purchase. A room that is predominantly for active children or college roommates can be vastly different than setting up a room for a single or retired couple.

When you know your audience, you are then able to implement the right plan for that particular room. Alternatively, if your lifestyle has changed (think empty nesters), you will probably want to reevaluate how your rooms are used now, and in accord with those findings, revamp the style and furniture.

Personal Style

Everyone has their own unique style, and you can showcase your fashion sense through your furnishings. Trendy pieces are typically geared toward the urban executive who may be looking to impress their visitors with the latest styles.

Some of the hottest designs include eco-friendly pieces made out of environmentally safe and reused products. If you’re looking for something that fits with any age group, you may want to lean toward more traditional styles of furniture.

It’s a common, classic look and using pieces that are similar in style will give the space a homey feel. If rooms are used less often and by adults, an antique style with Victorian furnishings may be an option. While the furniture may not be used for comfort or long visits, the intricate styles and designs are great conversation pieces.

Various Uses

Another factor to take into consideration when choosing the right furniture for your living space is how you’re going to utilize your room. Will it be used for entertaining, hanging out, eating and watching T.V.?

Furniture for a T.V. room should be comfortable, solidly constructed and aesthetically pleasing. This is an area where the family gets together and congregates for a movie or favorite show, and you want the pieces to give off a homey vibe.

In consideration of overnight guests, how about a couch that transforms to accommodate sleeping, such as a Broyhill sofa bed? For an entertainment area, if your taste is eclectic, focus on styling with modern furnishings, and try balancing various pieces around an interesting framed painting or sculpture.

Layout and Spacing

How you arrange your furniture and use it to complement a room is just as important. You may be limited by the design and layout of the room, however, overcrowding it with sofas, chairs and end tables can make maneuvering difficult, and leave you feeling claustrophobic.

In order for a room to flow and breathe, you need to use your room space wisely. There are a number of tools on the Internet today that allow users to plan out their space according to the size and dimensions of the room.

Living rooms are typically the most used room in a home, so choosing the appropriate furnishings is critical to allow the room to have its best maximized value.

The pieces of furniture you select to surround you in your home says a lot about your personality. It can almost be associated to the style of clothing you wear and how it represents who you are as a person.

Finding your ideal style and the pieces that reflect your individuality can be easy when you take the above factors into consideration to plan your home.

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