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work-at-home-spaceHave a look around you, in your home or in your office. Do you see what most people see?, an environment that has become increasingly cluttered as the year has gone by? The piles of paper and old boxes from purchases that have been piled up ‘just in case’ the purchase was faulty; perhaps old furniture which you don’t really like but there is now even more rubbish on top so it serves a purpose.

If this is you, and it probably is, perhaps you should consider downsizing your life. So much paperwork can now be held on a computer or portable device that in most cases there is not the need to have a vast amount of paperwork at your disposal so why not go through them and throw out any that you don’t need.

This shouldn’t be a problem and most paperwork can be disposed of in waste bins or put through a shredder. When it comes to larger items though, then the problem becomes larger too. This will probably apply when having an office clear out whether that is work based or if you work from a home office. In the latter case, it is important to keep your work environment clutter free.

This is for two main reasons; firstly, you are likely to feel more relaxed and organised when your environment reflects this. Also, of course, even though it is an office, it is also part of your home.

But what should you do with the larger waste that you have? It is tempting simply to move it to somewhere less visible such as the attic perhaps but that is really only just hiding the problem. You could also, of course, take it to the local waste site but that takes time and if you have a lot of waste, may also take a number of journeys.

An easy solution to this problem is to hire a skip from a local skip hire company. There are likely to be many of them in your local phone directory or you could simply Google them. Most skip hire companies are also aware of their responsibilities regarding the environment so you can be sure that your waste will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

The size of skip that you decide to hire will depend on the amount of waste that you think you are going to be throwing out. It is best to err on the side of caution though and hire a size larger than you may feel that you need. Many people are tempted to go for the mini skip only to find that they fill this easily and have to hire a second one; this will be a more expensive option than hiring a larger one in the first instance.

Once you see the skip hire lorry taking away your waste though and you can turn around and look at your fresh relaxing work space, you will be pleased that you took the time and effort to contact them and can enjoy the results.

This is a guest post.  Tony Raddice works from home as a web designer and has a tendency to hoard things. His office now looks a lot nicer since he hired a skip from

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