Fashion Review For The 2013 Golden Globes

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jennifer-lawrenceIn every Golden Globes ceremony, the media, fashion critics, and ordinary people alike spend time observing gowns and suits instead of the actual awards and movies on show for the night.

The red carpet is where all the good (and bad) fashion outbreaks occur. It is where every celebrity gets to show off their tailored designer clothes to the world, right before they step inside for the much anticipated awards ceremony.

With the 2013 Golden Globes now over, here is a look at the suits and gowns that made people’s heads turn – for good and bad reasons alike.


The Dashing Men of the Red Carpet

First off are the men. Men always look good in formal suits but Leonardo DiCaprio was the best looking man of the night. Wearing a narrowed-down button-peak tux was a far cry from his colourful suit in Django Unchained, the Titanic superstar looked crisp, dashing, and ready to take over the ceremony.

With no intention to give all the spotlight honours to DiCaprio, Daniel Craig stormed in with the traditional James Bond look. Agent 007 was always known to wear wide-lapel, fitted bespoke suits and Daniel Craig rocked it like it was New Year’s Eve.

Who was the worst dressed? Quentin Tarantino, the man behind the award-winning and highly acclaimed Django Unchained, wore a black shirt under a black waist coat under a black suit, paired with a black pair of pants and black shoes. To make matters worse, his black necktie was uneven and not properly adjusted.

Gowns of the Golden Globes

First of all, hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler looked absolutely amazing. They used to be the celebrities that nobody noticed on the red carpet because they never wore anything spectacular. This year however they both pulled it off and gave people one more reason to stay tuned to the announcements.

Kate Hudson was one of the stars of the ceremony. She was adorned in a tailored Alexander McQueen dress that hugged and accentuated her figure. To make it even better all of her accessories from the studs on her waist to her collars and wallet were adorned in gold, matching the radiance of her free-flowing hair. It’s not a dress that a lot of celebrities would go for yet for some reason Kate Hudson wore it in such a way that it glows with beauty, an indication of good design.

And then there was Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence has hit front and centre of the people’s eye since she appeared in X-Men: First Class and The Hunger Games but now people are also eyeing her sense of fashion. For the Golden Globes of 2013 she really took couture beauty to new heights.

She adorned a red Christian Dior gown that gave a lot of emphasis on her upper body such as her bust and slim waist. The new look is a fusion of the classic 1940’s Hollywood trend and some of the 1990’s waist-cinching styles popularised by pop singer Madonna. Much like the men with their bespoke suits, Lawrence was one of the eye-popping highlights of the 2013 awards.

I am a big fan of fashion and like to write about what other people are wearing to keep an eye on trends and tell others.


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