Finding Your Daily Moment Of Zen

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zen stonesWith the 21st century in full swing, the lives of human beings are constantly filled with stress and anxiety.

From ubiquitous technology to daily bombardments of advertisements, it’s difficult to find a moment of peace.

But in order to maintain a healthy balance in life, it’s important to find a moment each day to take for yourself so that you can deal with your stress and stay as happy as possible.


An age-old tradition that helps many around the world deal with stress, meditation is way to clear you mind from any external influences.

While different kinds of meditation exist, it usually consists of a practitioner sitting on the floor, closing their eyes, and attempting to focus their attention on a specific thought or feeling—this might be a set of positive words, a happy feeling, or even just a pleasant image, as long as it receives full attention.

It may be difficult for first time meditators, and it requires and extremely open mind for those trying to clear their minds and relax. Try playing soothing music with no lyrics in the background to give your mind something to focus on that won’t be distracting.

Breathing Exercises

Another often-overlooked relaxation technique, breathing exercises include having the practitioners control and monitor their breath in order to calm themselves.

To try this exercise, sit on the floor in a comfortable position with your back completely straight. Place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Breathe deeply and slowly through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. As you perform this, monitor the movement of your body with your hands.

As you inhale the hand on your stomach should rise, and your chest should move slightly – as you exhale, the exact opposite should happen. This breathing exercise will help you focus your attention on your breath and should help you calm your nerves.

Muscle Relaxation

This is a great technique for relaxation as well as for developing body awareness of key motor abilities. This type of meditation forces you to release any tension you may be carrying around with you through the conscious relaxation of all your muscles.

To try this exercise, lie on the floor with your back down. Make sure that you are not flexing any of your muscles, allowing for your musculature to entirely relax. Now, focus first on one extremity (a hand or foot).

Focus on how it feels when relaxed, then tense it and hold this flexed position for around ten seconds. As you unflex, pay attention to the feeling of the tension rushing out of your hand or foot.

Stay in this relaxed position for a period of time, all the while focusing on how it feels to remove the tension from your body. Repeat this with both hands and both feet, and then slowly work through all of the muscles you’d like in your body.

Make sure to repeat the same process with your face, as the muscles in your face store large amounts of tension after being used each and every day.

Rest and Relaxation

While it’s good to find relaxation tips that you can use every day to relieve stress, try to focus on living a healthier life by managing stress accordingly.

As you remove each and every external stress from your life that you can, you’ll become more relaxed, feel healthier, and enjoy life as each minute becomes a moment of Zen.

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