Five Gorgeous Beaches from Barbados to Thailand

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We present a list of five of the world’s most exceptional beaches. These beaches are sometimes safe and luxurious, sometimes wild and strange. They span the world’s oceans from Barbados to Thailand.

1. Bottom Bay, Barbados

Bottom Bay is a postcard-perfect paradise beach. Although much of the Bajan coast has been overdeveloped with clusters of hotels and villas, Bottom Bay is actively secluded. It’s a great place to hold a wedding and will look absolutely phenomenal in your wedding photos! It’s set on the south coast of Barbados.

2. Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

This beach settlement is special for its very shallow waters. With the water only a couple of inches deep, you can trend on soft, powdery sand for miles. The accommodation nearby is a mixture of low-key family accommodation and five star luxury hotels.

3. Santa Marta Beach , Colombia

 Santa Marta is said to boast the best beaches in Colombi. The beach is close to ancient archaeological remains left by the Tayronas civilization, who gave their name to the nearby grand national park. There are also game fishing tours available nearby. You can also take a yacht tour and see the area in complete comfort. It’s hot and dry; but the sea winds will cool you off as you ax in a seaside bar with a cocktail.

4. Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

You can book a camping trip to this amazing isolated bay on Ko Phi Phi island. It was made famous by author Alex Garland’s novel The Beach, a thriller about the dark escapades of travelers moving around the Thai beach scene. The spot itself is a white sandy beach, shielded from the ocean by tall limestone cliffs. The waters are home to coral reefs which are great for snorkeling. It might get a bit populated by tourists in the peak season – but that’s no reason not to visit this amazing location.

5. Loango National Park Beach, Gabon

We’re confident that your holiday adviser won’t have heard of this one.

Where can you see an elephant swimming in the sea? Gabon is a smallish country in central Africa that is 11% protected national park thanks to the forward planning of its politicians. The country depends largely on its ecotourism industry and has been described as the most gorgeous park on the continent. Loango National Park itself features jungle that tapers out into open grasslands which trickle down into the sea. This unique geography means that it’s common to spot a hippo bathing on coast, or see gorillas playing in the waves.

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